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Head of Chambers: Mark Warwick QC
Senior Clerks: Paul Bunting and Darren Madle
First Junior Clerk: Oliver Ventura
Tenants: 39

The Chambers
Selborne Chambers is a leading commercial-chancery set. It is noted for the clear and practical advice it provides, which can be innovative, and is always mindful of clients’ commercial considerations. Chambers recognises the benefits of working closely with those instructing and lay clients, and members with expertise in complimentary areas can work together in teams to clients’ best advantage. Chambers has been praised for its ‘responsiveness, availability and excellent turnaround’. Chambers is instructed by many leading firms of solicitors, and many members accept instructions by direct access.

Work Undertaken embers are instructed in a wide variety of commercial and chancery areas, with an emphasis on business, corporate and commercial matters (at both litigious and transactional stages); company and financial services; corporate and personal insolvency; all areas of property related matters; trusts and estates work; international/offshore work; civil fraud and asset recovery; telecommunications; sports law; gambling and spread betting. Professional negligence is covered in all these fields, working with solicitors, valuers, accountants, professional trustees and financial managers and advisors. Much of the work is done in London, though members frequently advise and appear throughout the United Kingdom and in other foreign jurisdictions (including the USA, British Virgin Island, Cayman Islands, Channel Islands, Gibraltar, Singapore, Hong Kong, Bangladesh and Israel). Chambers has a regular seminar programme which it promotes in Chambers and other parts of the country which is highly praised. Members of Chambers also frequently speak at large conferences on topical legal issues.

Administration Chambers is served by a highly responsive and friendly clerking team allowing workto be processed promptly and efficiently. Please contact the senior clerks, Paul Bunting and Darren Madle (Tel: 020 7420 9500).


(QC-2013) Romie Tager QC (1970) (QC- 1995)

Ajmalul Hossain QC (1976) (QC-1998)

Gary Blaker QC (1993) (QC-2015)

Ian Clarke QC (1990) (QC-2016)

Johan du Toit SC (2008) (SC 2006)

Philip Kremen (1975)

Stephen Boyd (1977)

Hugh Jackson (1981)

David Uff (1981)

Neil Mendoza (1982)

Mark Spackman (1986)

Stuart Hornett (1992)

Duncan Kynoch (1994)

Alexander Goold (1994)

Richard Clegg (1999)

Justin Kitson (2000)

Jonathan McNae (2001)

James Sandham (2003)

Julia Beer (2003)

Edward Bennion-Pedley (2004)

Henry Webb (2005)

Nicholas Trompeter (2006)

Paul de la Piquerie (2006)

Rahul Varma (2007)

Simon McLoughlin (2009)

David Welford (2010)*

Alice Hawker (2011)

Barnaby Hope (2011)

Nicholas Towers (2011)

Isabel Petrie (2012)

Lara Kuehl (2012)

Sarah Walker (2013)

Francis Ng (2013)

Oberon Kwok (2014)

Chris de Beneducci (2015)

Daniel Webb (2015)

Rosamund Baker (2016)

Maxwell Myers (2016)

Tom Frazer (2017)