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Current View:

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Chairman: Erik Sandtro
Board of Directors: Erik Sandtro, Henrik A. Christensen, Nils Holger Koefoed
Managing Partner: Erik Sandtro
Number of partners: 13
Number of lawyers: 28 (including partners)
Languages: Danish, English, French, German, Norwegian, Swedish

Firm Overview:
Ro Sommernes is a highly specialised niche firm located in Oslo Central Business District, Norway. The firm was established in its present form in January 1993 by attorneys at law Knut Ro and Stale Sommernes.

Ro Sommernes has experienced a steady growth and has today a total of 28 lawyers, of which 13 are partners, six are senior lawyers, three are senior associates, six are associates, and one of counsel. As of 1st January 2019 Linn E. Drejer-Dølvik and Thomas Monsen have made partner.

With a business idea to provide first-class legal services through a specialised niche firm, Ro Sommernes considers in-depth knowledge about selected industries, partner availability and high level of client attention as key success factors. Ro Sommernes specialises in insolvency and corporate recovery, corporate law, M&A, real estate law, transactions, employment law, litigation/arbitration law, inheritance law, and shipping/offshore.

Main Areas of Practice:

-Insolvency & Corporate Recovery
-Corporate, M&A & Transactions (including Real Estate)
-Real Estate & Construction
-Litigation & Arbitration
-Shipping & Offshore

Ro Sommernes offers comprehensive services in the field of business law and has five market groups related to the expertise of the lawyers.
These are:
■Insolvency & Corporate Recovery
■Corporate, M&A & Transactions (including Real Estate Transactions)
■Real Estate & Construction
■Litigation & Arbitration
In addition Ro Sommernes regularly providesservices within the fields of IP and media, family law, inheritance law, and labour legislation.

Insolvency & Corporate Recovery:
Head of Group: Havard Wiker, partner
Partners: Knut Ro, Henrik A Christensen, Nils Holger Koefoed, Erik Sandtro, Thomas Monsen
Associates: 8 senior associates and associates Ro Sommernes has been Norway’s leading firm in insolvency and corporate recovery since its establishment in 1993. Several of Ro Sommernes’s lawyers are recognised as some of Norway’s most experienced lawyers in the insolvency and corporate recovery field. Since 1990 lawyers from the insolvency group have been court-appointed as executor/trustee of major bankruptcy and compulsory debt negotiations in Norway e.g. Petromena ASA, Thule Drilling AS, and Dolpin Geophysical AS. The firm frequently advises the debtor, creditors and mortgagees in corporate recovery cases, and are also widely used by other trustees as consultants.

Corporate M&A & Transactions (including Real Estate Transactions):

Head of Group: Henrik Hareide Nilsen, partner
Members: Henrik A Christensen, Erling Lind, Erik Sandtro, Jannike Brynildsen, Nils Petter Hansson
Associates: 6 senior associates and associates M&A represents a major proportion of the firm’s activity, and its transaction competence has placed it among the leading firms in Norway in this field. Its lawyers have extensive and broad experience in advising purchasers, sellers, stakeholders and managers in relation to cross-border and domestic transactions. It also has extensive knowledge in venture capital. The services the firm offers encompass all aspects of structuring, managing and completing transactions with respect to private and public companies, including acquisitions, share issues, mergers, spin-offs and other corporate transactions. Ro Sommernes is at all times running the coordination of a number of cross-border transactions.
Key Clients: Nordic Choice Hotels, a hotel company owning a large number of hotels in Norway, Sweden and Denmark; Home Properties AB, a company owning a large number of properties in Norway and Sweden; Heilo, a Norwegian real estate agent.

Real Estate/Construction:
Head of Group: Hakon Ustaheim, partner
Members: Knut Ro, partner
Associates: 5 senior associates and associates A dominant part of Ro Sommernes’ activity is related to commercial real estate and construction and engineering. The firm has vast experience with the variety of legal issues arising in connection with development, transfer, lease and management of commercial real estate.

The comparison to peers in relation to corporate and M&A above also apply for its real estate practice. It is an important quality of the firm’s real estate practice that it is highly integrated with its dispute resolution practice.
Key Clients: Kruse Smith AS; Holm Eiendom AS; Fram Eiendom AS.

Litigation & Arbitration:
Head of Group: Mathias Tveten, partner
Members: Knut Ro, Hakon Ustaheim, Linn E. Drejer-Dølvik
Associates: 6 senior associates and associates Ro Sommernes has extensive experience with litigation and arbitration within a number of areas of law, both before ordinary courts and arbitration panels. The firm has at all times a large number of legal processes before the Norwegian courts. The firm’s litigation practice is to a large extent related to corporate litigation and real estate/construction disputes. Several of the partners in this group are admitted admission to the Supreme Court of Norway, and are regularly used as judges in arbitration panels.

Shipping & Offshore: Corporate/Commercial/

Head of Group: Lynne Skajaa
Members: Erling Lind

Associates: 2 senior associates
Erling Lind and Lynne Skajaa joined Ro Sommernes in January 2018, bringing specialist expertise of shipping and offshore law and practice to the firm. The firm’s new team provides legal services to Norwegian and international clients with the benefit of experience spanning many market cycles. They provide legal and commercial advice on strategic corporate transactions including mergers, acquisitions, equity finance, securities listings and intergroup finance. These lawyers also apply their market knowledge and practical experience when advising on, drafting and negotiating the commercial contracts which address their client’s operational, strategic and financial requirements, including strategic collaboration; asset acquisition, construction and conversion; major equipment procurement (EPC/(I)); chartering and drilling contracts; management arrangements; and secured finance facilities, including financial leases. In tune with the ethos of Ro Sommernes, this team’s approach is to establish a close working relationship with clients, understand their business and provide bespoke services and advice. The firm’s team has an excellent established international network of advisors who provide supporting specialist and local law advice and assistance as and when required by the firm’s clients.