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Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados

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Managing Partner: José Antonio Payet
Number of partners worldwide: 17
Number of other lawyers worldwide: 114

Firm Overview:
Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados was founded in 1996 in order to establish a law firm in Peru with the highest professional standards and a significant international perspective. Today, Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados is regarded as one of the most important law firms in the country, providing counsel in the various areas of law related to corporate activity.

Main Areas of Practice

The firm participates in the acquisitions of companies, mergers, spin-offs, transfers of assets, takeovers, among others. The firm's lawyers also advise on transactions ranging from incorporation procedures to corporate restructuring and market exit, corporate transactions and contracts in general, commercial legislation, insurance, regulatory law, intellectual property, new technologies, among other fields.

Capital Markets & Finance:
The firm counsels institutional lenders and investors, borrowers and financial institutions in matters related to corporate finance. The firm's capital markets experience includes the design and listing of public equity and debt offerings, takeover bids, exchange offers, securitisations, investment funds and other innovative financial instruments, delisting offers and ‘going private’ transactions, stock option plans and trusts. The firm's attorneys have vast experience in international offerings and working with the leading firms, auditors and investment banks of the main international markets.

Corporate & Commercial Litigation:
The firm represents foreign and local clients in civil, commercial, corporate and regulatory disputes and is experienced in providing advice for clients for corporate and shareholder litigations. The firm’s attorneys have years of experience with cases involving business recovery, insolvency, insurance and reinsurance, contract enforcement, civil liability and torts, among others.

The firm is a recognised leader in commercial arbitration, with an exemplary track record representing clients from diverse economic sectors, including the telecom, infrastructure and energy sectors. Close ties with foreign law firms allow the firm to represent clients before international arbitration centres and the firm's attorneys are often appointed as arbitrators to resolve highly complex disputes.

White-Collar Defense:
The firm specialises in litigation processes at the prosecution and judicial stages, with significant experience in economic criminal law, and have been involved in many high-profile cases regarding corruption and money laundering. The firm's attorneys advise domestic and foreign clients who require legal opinions on the possible criminal implications from their activities and provide criminal compliance services, which includes the elaboration of prevention policies for money laundering, corruption crimes and others.

The firm advises clients in corporate transactions with issues concerning horizontal restraints, monopolisation, tying, exclusive dealing, refusals to deal and numerous vertical arrangements. The firm´s attorneys also have extensive experience in local price-fixing, exclusionary practices and merger control procedures, as well as counselling in a wide array of trade regulation, unfair competition, intellectual property, product liability and consumer protection matters.

The firm has unparalleled experience in the energy market and excels in its knowledge of regulatory and public laws related to electric power, renewable power, and other energy sources. The firm represents electricity generation, transmission and distribution companies as well as other participants in the electricity and gas markets, including prospectors and developers. The firm's attorneys provide day-to-day counselling, specialised counsel for administrative proceedings, and advice to investors in bidding processes related to concessions, privatisations, private initiatives, public-private partnerships, management and consulting.

The firm has extensive experience in the design and execution of non-recourse or limited recourse financing structures. The firm’s attorneys provide advise to developers, sponsors and lenders for projects in the energy, infrastructure and real estate sectors in Peru, including advise on obtaining governmental concessions and entering into Legal Stability Agreements with the Peruvian government.

The firm has highly trained professionals with extensive experience in all relevant legal matters related to mining activities, including titling and real estate, environmental and social aspects, regulation, project development and construction, financing, tax and labour, etc. The firm provides complete and thorough legal advice throughout all stages of mining projects, including exploration, construction, operation and closure, as well as mergers and acquisitions and financing transactions.

The firm provides advice in all aspects of tax planning and consulting, special tax audit assignments and representation before tax and customs authorities. The firm is especially experienced in providing tax advice for M&A transactions, counselling on the most efficient and business-oriented tax schemes to successfully structure and implement for these types of transactions.

The firm provides advice to major corporations across all industries related to personnel hiring plans, including nationals and expatriates, the preparation and drafting of management compensation and welfare benefits programs, as well as implementing labour costs reduction strategies.

Real Estate:
The firm counsels developers, lenders, real estate funds, financial institutions, individuals and major corporations in transactions involving the purchase, sale, construction, financing, development and management of, as well as investment in, commercial, residential, tourism, industrial and land for natural resources projects.

The environmental and social practice advises on the day to day compliance of environmental and social regulations and standards in all economic sectors, on project specific socio-environmental advice at all stages of development (design, construction, commercial operation or closing down), on administrative proceedings initiated by authorities regarding socio-environmental matters and on the implementation of voluntary international socio-economic standards and policies.

Public Law:
The firm advises in all regulatory and commercial aspects for investors in the communication and transport sectors and advises the government and local authorities on the establishment and design of regulatory regimes. The firm´s attorneys offer comprehensive advise in obtaining licenses, concessions and authorisations, negotiating and drafting interconnection agreements, implementing regulated tariff structures, and companies facing disciplinary administrative proceedings brought forth by public entities.

International Work:
The firm counsels both domestic and international clients in highly complex cross-border and multinational transactions and its attorneys are familiar with the main international business centers. In addition, Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados belongs to the World Law Group, a network of renowned independent law firms located in over 89 countries.

English, German, Spanish.

The firm counsels international companies in the banking and finance, investment fund, energy, mining, real estate, agribusiness, industrial, infrastructure, tourism, retail, education, pharmaceutical, healthcare, telecommunications, and transportation industries, among others.