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Payet, Rey, Cauvi, Pérez Abogados attorneys have extensive experience in both the analytical and regulatory issues related to Peruvian Competition Law, covering a wide variety of industries.

Our award-winning practice group regularly provides preventive counseling on a wide range of corporate transactions and commercial operations and processes, in connection with issues concerning horizontal restraints, monopolization, tying arrangements, exclusive dealing, resale price maintenance, refusals to deal and numerous vertical arrangements, as well as on matters related to unfair competition, intellectual property, product liability and consumer protection legislation.

In recent years we have successfully represented clients the leading antitrust suits brought forward before local authorities, in matters involving alleged horizontal and vertical restraints and abuses of dominant position related to refusals to deal, excessive prices, tying arrangements, implementation of strategic barriers to entry and exclusive dealing arrangements. Our experience also involves successfully representing clients in the leading local merger control procedures in the energy sector.