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Senior Partner: Alexander Minin
Partners: Maxim Oleksiyuk, Alexander Shemiatkin, Ivan Shynkarenko, Elena Bukuyeva, Inna Taptunova
Number of partners: 6
Number of lawyers: 25
Languages: English, Russian, Ukrainian

Firm Overview:
Ukrainian law firm specialising in tax, legal and consulting services since 1999. KM Partners is the legal advisor of choice in the areas of tax, customs, transfer pricing and disputes resolution for many international leading companies and their subsidiaries in Ukraine, mid-sized businesses, as well as Ukrainian companies in various industrial sectors. Real estate, construction, land, M&A, labour and commercial law are also strong practice areas of the firm. Two legal entities operate under the trademark KM Partners: WTS Consulting, LLC and KM Partners Attorneys at Law. As a member of WTS Global, KM Partners provides comprehensive legal support of complex international projects where legal expertise in foreign legislation is required. This company is known for its complex high-quality approach to the solution of clients’ business issues.

Main Areas of Practice:

■Pre-trial challenging of tax assessments, actions/ inactions
■Vat, excise tax and other indirect taxes
■Labour remuneration/social security
■Planning and structuring of business activities
■Payment for the use of natural resources and other fees
■Representative offices of foreign companies
■Corporate profit tax/advance payments
■Tax due diligence
■Special tax regimes
■Advertising, marketing services, sales promotion services, merchandising
■Tax litigations
■Assistance during tax audits
■Avoidance of double taxation
Contacts: Alexander Minin, Alexander Shemiatkin, Inna Taptunova, Elena Bukuyeva

■Pre-trial appeal of decisions of customs authorities
■Consulting regarding customs clearings procedures
■Defence of interests during the customs clearance procedures
■Post-audit: assistance during customs audits
■Structuring of cross-border transactions
■Customs litigations
Contact: Ivan Shynkarenko

Transfer Pricing:
■Consulting support on transfer pricing issues
■Support of reporting on transfer pricing
■Developing documentation to justify the price level in controlled transactions
■Risk-based audit of pricing system in relation to transfer pricing
■Preparing responses to requests of controlling authorities regarding controlled transactions
■Providing support during audits on transfer pricing issues
■Appealing on additional tax assessments and sanctions following transfer pricing audits
Contact: Ivan Shynkarenko

Criminal Proceedings on White Collar Crimes:
■Defense in criminal proceedings on white collar crimes and tax related crimes (tax evasion, criminal forgery, criminal negligence and other) is provided by KM Partners Attorneys-At-Law
Contacts: Alexander Minin, Alexander Shemiatkin, Elena Bukuyeva

M&A & Restructurings:
■Legal and tax DD
■Preparing shareholders agreements and SPA
■Corporate and tax structuring
■Post-merger integration
■Preparing constituent documents
■Supporting registration of companies
■Obtainment of licenses and permits
Contacts: Alexander Minin, Maxim Oleksiyuk, Alexander Shemiatkin

Contract & Business Law:
■Tailoring various complex agreements
■Representing parties in pre-contract negotiations
Contacts: Alexander Minin, Maxim Oleksiyuk, Alexander Shemiatkin

■Representing clients in administrative courts
■Representing parties in commercial and general courts
■Preparing lawsuits and applications, petitions
■Support during enforcement of court ruling
Contacts: Alexander Minin, Maxim Oleksiyuk, Alexander Shemiatkin

Real Estate & Construction:
■Legal support during land allocation
■Obtainment of construction permissive documents
■Preparing construction agreements (FIDIC inclusive)
■Legal audit of title rights
Contact: Maxim Oleksiyuk

■Legal support of commodity trading
■Support of distribution of seeds, pesticides and fertilisers
■Agricultural land issues
Contacts: Alexander Minin, Maxim Oleksiyuk, Alexander Shemiatkin

■Tailoring distribution agreements with specific attention to competition aspects of distribution activity
Сontacts: Alexander Minin, Maxim Oleksiyuk, Alexander Shemiatkin

Competition & Antitrust:
■Legal support during obtainment AMCU approval for concentration (merger) and concerted actions
Contact: Maxim Oleksiyuk

Labour/Labour Disputes:
■Preparing by-laws of companies, job-descriptions
■Support during obtaining job permits, representing in labour mediation and litigations
Сontacts: Alexander Shemiatkin, Maxim Oleksiyuk

Currency Control:
■Structuring cross-border transactions with attention to Ukrainian currency control restrictions
■Legal support during obtaining National Bank permits (individual licence)
Contacts: Alexander Minin, Maxim Oleksiyuk, Alexander Shemiatkin

Intellectual Property:
■Copyright and related rights
■Audit of intellectual property objects
■Royalties and other payments for rights related to intellectual property
■Plant varieties
■Structuring relations related to the use of software as end user
■Structuring relations related to transfer and licensing intellectual property
■Technology, know-how
Contacts: Alexander Minin, Maxim Oleksiyuk, Alexander Shemiatkin, Elena Bukuyeva

■Representing creditors during bankruptcy proceeding
■Legal support of liquidation of legal entity
Contact: Maxim Oleksiyuk

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