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Managing Partner: Jeffrey A. Greenbaum
Number of partners: 43
Number of lawyers: 89
Languages: English, French, Hebrew, Spanish

Firm Overview:
This pre-eminent New York-based entertainment and advertising law firm has grown to 89 lawyers with an office in LA. With leading practices in entertainment, advertising, intellectual property, technology, litigation, corporate and finance, privacy, employment, estate planning, charitable organizations, white collar criminal defense, professional responsibility and other areas, The National Law Journal currently includes the firm in its ‘Midsize Hot List.’ The Legal 500 describes Frankfurt Kurnit as ‘exceptional in the media arena’ with ‘a team of outstanding industry leaders.’ And Chambers USA has long recognized the firm as “top-notch” and “highly respected.” The firm prides itself on most efficiently helping clients from major brands to start ups and individuals to resolve difficult, complex and novel problems.

Main Areas of Practice: 

-Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations
-Art Law
-Branded Entertainment
-Celebrity Branding
-Charitable Organizations
-Corporate & Finance
-Cross-Border Transactions & Global Media Clearance
-Estate Planning & Administration
-Executive Compensation & Employment
-Intellectual Property
-IP Finance
-Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility
-Privacy & Data Security
-Real Estate
-Securities Fraud & White Collar Defense
-Social Media
-Technology & Digital Media
-Trademark & Brand Management

Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations:
Universally recognized as one of the leading advertising, marketing, branding, and public relations practices in the US, Frankfurt Kurnit has been cited by all of the independent ratings services as the very top of the field.
Contact: Rick Kurnit, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5531
Email: [email protected]

Terri Seligman, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5580
Email: [email protected]

Charitable Organizations:
A full range of legal services to non-profit and charitable entities in all industries with extensive involvement in entertainment and marketing.
Contact: Jeffrey Marks, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5536
Email: [email protected]

Corporate & Finance:
Practical business advice informed by insights into every stage of business development and growth from startups to evolving corporate structures and acquisitions.
Contact: Deborah Wolfe, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5573
Email: [email protected]

Jay Rand, Partner
Tel: 212 705 4825
Email: [email protected]

Cross-Border Transactions & Global Media Clearance:
Helping foreign-based and US clients extend their business interests across international borders, including access to an integrated network of entertainment and media-focused law firms.
Contact: Richard Heller, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5533
Email: [email protected]

Thomas Selz, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5535
Email: [email protected]

One of the most respected entertainment law firms in the US with attorneys focused on every medium and aspect of content and leisure.
Contact: Richard Heller, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5533
Email: [email protected]

Andrew Hurwitz, Partner
Tel: 310 579 9610
Email: [email protected]

Estate Planning & Administration:
Frankfurt Kurnit provides the highest level of estate, gift, and income tax advice to all individuals, with special attention to intellectual property.
Contact: Barbara Shiers, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5526
Email: [email protected]

Linda Wank, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5546
Email: [email protected]

Executive Compensation & Employment:
Advises executives in a wide variety of industries, including media, entertainment, fashion, advertising and marketing, on their employment negotiations and compensation arrangements.
Contact: Gavin McElroy, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5541
Email: [email protected]

Intellectual Property:
Advice on the application of intellectual property law to new and developing technologies, start-ups, media, and marketing opportunities.
Contact: Edward Rosenthal, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5524
Email: [email protected]

Maura Wogan, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5523
Email: [email protected]

Interactive Entertainment:
One of the pioneering law firms in entertainment, advertising, and new technology ventures including: interactive game consoles, cloud-based game systems, phones, and social networks.
Contact: S. Gregory Boyd, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5581
Email: [email protected]

Sean F. Kane, Partner
Tel: 212 705 4845
Email: [email protected]

Legal Ethics & Professional Responsibility:
A leading firm in advising lawyers and law firms on ethics, professional responsibility, business matters and conflicts.
Contact: Nicole Hyland, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5552
Email: [email protected]

Ron Minkoff, Partner
Tel: 212 705 4837
Email: [email protected]

A deep roster of talented litigators with extensive experience in litigation and alternate dispute resolution in courts and administrative agencies throughout the US.
Contact: Edward Rosenthal, Partner
Tel: 212 826 5524
Email: [email protected]

Privacy & Data Security:
Advises businesses on how to safeguard data, comply with data security and privacy laws, avoid data breaches, and respond to breaches, including international compliance requirements.
Contact: Tanya Forsheit, Partner
Tel: 310 579 9615
Email: [email protected]

Securities Fraud & White Collar Defense:
Extensive experience in representing businesses and individuals in government and regulatory investigations and in the defense of criminal or administrative charges.
Contact: Brian Maas, Partner
Tel: 212 705 4836
Email: [email protected]

Trademark & Brand Management:
Manages thousands of domestic and international trademark files and regularly handles trademark registration and maintenance and disputes for recognized brands and individual trademark owners.
Contact: Catherine M. C. Farrelly
Tel: 212 826 5579
Email: [email protected]

Donna A. Tobin, Partner
Tel: 212 705 4878
Email: [email protected]


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