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Head of Chambers: Patrick Harrington QC
Chief Executive:
Alan Kilbey MBE
Chambers Manager: Steve Gurnett
Tenants: 50

Farrar’s Building is a long-established specialist civil and common law set of chambers based in London with a strong historic regional presence in Wales. Chambers areas of practice include the following: personal injury; clinical negligence; employment; credit hire; civil fraud and fundamental dishonesty; serious and white-collar crime; health and safety; inquests; disciplinary; regulatory; professional negligence; insurance; product liability; trusts and probate; commercial law; costs; travel; and public inquiries (see individual profiles).

Farrar’s Building has been occupied by barristers for many centuries and its name derives from Thomas Farrar, treasurer of Inner Temple in 1679. Over the years, chambers has provided a number of judges in the House of Lords, Court of Appeal and elsewhere, and current members sit as deputy High Court judges, recorders and in other public positions. Farrar’s Building prides itself on being a friendly and reliable set, which is efficiently clerked and administered by an experienced and long-established team. Chambers has a reputation for excellence, with members acting for a variety of corporate bodies, insurance companies, prosecuting authorities, sporting bodies and players, disciplinary, regulatory and professional bodies, as well as individuals. Members act in privately funded cases and under conditional fee agreements.

WORK UNDERTAKEN Chambers core areas of practice are:
Personal Injury: Farrar’s Building is recognised as a leading set of chambers in the personal injury field with a long-established reputation for offering high-quality specialist advocacy and advice in all aspects of personal injury work. Personal injury is the largest field of practice within chambers. Chambers is involved in the whole spectrum of cases ranging from catastrophic brain and spinal injury claims to lower value multi-track and fasttrack work.

Health & Safety:
The health and safety team works closely with, and benefits from, Farrar’s Building’s strong PI team. Chambers has been involved in a number of high-profile cases in this area and has a tradition of acting in large-scale disasters, including the Hatfield Rail Disaster, the Ladbroke Grove Rail Disaster and the Grenfell Tower Inquiry.

Chambers and members of the employment law group are recognised in the field for their efficient, commercially sensitive and competitive approach. Members act at all stages of employment disputes by advising, drafting pleadings and providing advocacy before employment tribunals, the EAT and the higher courts. Members also have experience acting in judicial and private mediations.

Chambers has a specialist criminal team, involved in major fraud and serious crime cases, and has close links with Wales where it remains a dominant force on the Welsh Circuit. Chambers is and has been involved in many of the major cases on the circuit and members of the crime team are highly sought-after

Public Inquiries:
Chambers has a long history of involvement in public inquiries and of chairing/appearing before a range of regulatory and disciplinary tribunals. Members of chambers also offer expertise in: contract and commercial litigation, covering areas such as sale of goods and consumer credit and commercial fraud, insurance matters and product liability; clinical negligence and all areas of professional negligence; costs and taxation actions, including solicitor’s bills of costs, counsel’s fees and legal aid costs; sports and competition cases include contracts, advertising and sponsorship and restraint of trade; all aspects of disciplinary and regulatory law; and matters pertaining to trusts and probate. Members also have experience in administrative and public law work, including matters relating to judicial review, local government, education, health, housing and pharmaceutical actions.


Patrick Harrington QC (1973) (QC-1993) +

Paul Lewis QC (1981) (QC-2001) +

Geoffrey Williams QC (2013) (QC-2003) A

Gordon Cole QC (1979) (QC-2006)

Ian Unsworth QC (1992) + (QC-2010)

Christopher Quinlan QC (1992) (QC-2011) A

Nigel Spencer Ley (1985)

Andrew Peebles (1987) A

John Meredith-Hardy (1989) A

Shabbir Lakha (1989)

Leighton Hughes (1989) A

Helen Hobhouse (1990) A

Andrew Arentsen (1995)

Lee Evans (1996)

Nick Blake (1997) A

Huw Davies (1998) A

James Pretsell (1998) A

Andrew Wille (1998) A

Howard Cohen (1999) A

Guy Watkins (1999)A

Carwyn Cox (2002)A +

Matthew Kerruish-Jones (2003)

Neil Baki (2003) James Plant (2004) A

Tom Bourne-Arton (2005)A

Emma Sole (2005)A

David Roderick (2005) A

John Brown (2005)

Victoria Logue (2005)

Grant Goodlad (2006) A

Tim Found (2006) A

James Rozier (2007) A

Changez Khan (2008) A

Hannah Saxena (2010) A

Joshua Hedgman(2011) A

Aidan O’Brien (2011) A

Robert Golin (2011)

Jake Rowley (2011) A

Frederick Lyon (2012)

Joel McMillan (2014) A

Laura Fitzgibbon (2016)

Tom Emslie-Smith (2016)

Martin Ferguson (2016)

Amelia Highnam (2016)

Rosalind Young (2017)

Michael Dougherty (2017)

Leonard Wigg (2017)

Lauren Jones (2017)

Kamran Khan (2018)

Peter Savory (2018)