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Domański Zakrzewski Palinka

Current View:

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Managing Partner: Krzysztof Zakrzewski
Number of partners worldwide: 31
Number of other lawyers worldwide: 120
Languages:English, German, French, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Italian

Firm Overview:
Domanski Zakrzewski Palinka is the largest full-service Polish law firm based in Warsaw and providing services throughout Poland (additional offices in Poznan and Wroclaw). Over the last several years, DZP has taken first place in the rankings of law firms compiled by the leading Polish dailies Rzeczpospolita and DGP.

Main Areas of Practice:


DZP lawyers have handled dozens of mergers and acquisitions, including the largest operations of this type in Poland. The firm advises and represents clients in transactions involving share transfers, sale of enterprises and company mergers, divisions and takeovers.
Contact: Krzysztof Zakrzewski
Email: [email protected]

Capital Markets:
DZP has a great deal of experience in providing legal services to Polish and foreign investment banks and other entities in respect of the trade in securities and capital markets. An important aspect of the firm’s activity is to propagate best practices in firms.
Contact: Andrzej Foltyn
Email: [email protected]

Banking & Finance:
DZP is highly experienced in serving banks and financial institutions and its clients in all types of financial transactions. DZP lawyers advise leading Polish and foreign banks. They also work with international financial and government institutions.
Contact: Magdalena Skowronska
Email: [email protected]

DZP has a team that specialises in providing a full range of legal advisory services to power companies. The team advises some of the biggest domestic enterprises and leading investors on all aspects of power sector activity (including TPA, long-term contracts, tariffs, mergers and acquisitions, anti-competition practices, providing support activities, restructuring and EU law).
Contact: Rafał Hajduk
Email: [email protected]

DZP advises enterprises and investors in the transport, construction and energy sectors and to the public sector in key projects.
Contact: Marcin Krakowiak
Email: [email protected]

The firm’s extensive practice in the area of IP/IT includes advice to both Polish and international firms on how to protect trademarks, know-how, trade secrets and copyrights. DZP lawyers advise on property rights to technology, intellectual property rights and the transfer of such rights to other entities. The lawyers provide clients with advice on various aspects of their market operations, e.g. resolving regulatory disputes and operating, distribution and other contracts.
Contact: Aleksandra Auleytner
Email: [email protected]

Real Estate:
DZP’s real estate team advises firms on the trade, administration and management of real estate. The team helps to draw up analyses of the legal status of real estate (also covering the risk of claims being brought by third parties, re-privatisation claims, etc), devises real estate transaction concepts, represents clients in negotiations and draws up agreements and documents required for transaction.
Contact: Lech Zyzylewski
Email: [email protected]

The team at DZP that deals with labour law issues advises clients on matters relating to labour law and employeeemployer relations, collective bargaining agreements and building up relations between employer and trade unions. The lawyers also help foreign managers to obtain permits to work in Poland.
Contact: Boguslaw Kaplon
Email: [email protected]

Dispute Resolution:
The dispute resolution practice group represents its clients in litigation cases, acts on their behalf in negotiations with business partners and acts above all before common courts, Supreme Administrative Courts, the Constitutional Tribunal as well as Polish and international arbitration tribunals.
Contacts: Jozef Palinka, Paweł Lewandowski
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

Pharmaceutical & Biotechnology:
DZP has set up a team that advises on promoting and advertising pharmaceutical products, regulations on sector activity and obtaining permits. Lawyers have broad experience with all kind of problems under pharmaceutical law, from clinical trials and medical products admitted to trading due to processing to the protection of the intellectual property rights to these products.
Contacts: Marcin Matczak, Michał Czarnuch
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

The services rendered by DZP’s lawyers cover all the various taxes (income tax, VAT, transaction tax, property tax, etc.) and customs and international trade law. The team also has wide experience in international tax law.
Contacts: Joanna Wierzejska, Artur Nowak
Emails: [email protected], [email protected]

The firm’s major clients are: financial companies and institutions (Getin Noble Bank, Santander), manufacturing companies (Agros Nova, SABMiller), retail, technology companies (IBM, Atos Origin, Facebook, Microsoft), media (Bauer Publishing, Scripps Int.) pharmaceutical companies (USP, Novartis), power sector companies (PGE, Shanghai Electric, PGNiG, EDF), real estate and construction companies (Skanska, OHL, Bogl a Krysl, Mota Engil), transport companies (Polish Railways PKP).

International Work:
DZP has built up an extensive network of relationships with foreign law offices. Thus the firm can offer advisory services to foreign firms seeking advice on Polish law. DZP acts in many international professional organisations such as IBA and ILA. DZP lawyers have handled many complex international projects for both Polish and foreign firms. The firm has advised on and negotiated numerous international foreign direct investments and acquisitions in the Central and Eastern Europe.