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18 St John Street

12 ranked barristersContact information
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Head of Chambers: Richard Chapman QC
Head Civil & Business Property Clerk: Katie Brown
Head Criminal Clerk: James Hotchin
Head Family Clerk: Camille Scott
Tenants: 75

THE CHAMBERS 18 St John Street Chambers is one of the longest established and most well regarded sets of Chambers on the Northern Circuit. Its barristers have been delivering the highest standards of advice and advocacy to clients for almost 50 years, combining the highest standards and traditions of the independent Bar with a modern and forward looking approach.

Chambers offers skilled practitioners of all ranges of seniority in each of their core departments — civil, personal injury, business and property, criminal, family law (including family finance), and tax. The strength and depth of each department is recognised by both professional and lay clients — as well as by its opponents. Chambers has a well-deserved reputation as a leading set — both in Manchester, on Northern Circuit, and nationally. Members appear in courts and tribunals across the whole of the United Kingdom.

The interests of its clients are at the heart of everything 18 St John Street Chambers does. Chambers approachs each case with firm and focused professionalism which ensures that clients receive the best advice and service available. Its clerking teams have knowledge of their practice areas. Clients receive an efficient and effective service from the first moment they contact Chambers. Every barrister provides an expert approach to cases by offering realistic advice, innovative solutions and incisive and effective advocacy.

Barristers from 18 St John St Chambers are highly sought after and frequently appear in the most complex and high profile cases in Manchester, elsewhere in the North of England, and nationally. Members are instructed at all levels of work by regional and national solicitors, business and public sector organisations, prosecuting authorities and agencies as well local and regional councils. They appear in all court arenas including the Court of Appeal, the Upper Tribunal, the Supreme Court and the European Court of Justice.

In recent years Chambers has expanded in every department, always ensuring that we recruit the highest quality applicants with a recognised expertise in their field of practice. The profile of Chambers continues to grow with members who have recently been appointed QC and who have been appointed as District and Circuit Judges. 18 St John St Chambers continues to have a large number of members who hold part-time appointments sitting in the Civil, Business and Property, and Family Courts, the First-tier Tribunal (Tax and Property Chambers), the Employment Tribunal, the Agricultural Land Tribunal for Wales, and the Residential Property Tribunal for Wales.

In addition to all traditional services, 18 St John Street Chambers offers a fully accredited arbitration and mediation team, a direct access team and a full programme of training, seminars and advice sessions, including the acclaimed ‘Ask 18’ initiative. Members are frequently asked to provide specialist talks to professional bodies illustrating the level of recognised expertise. Chambers was at the forefront of the introduction of remote working on the Northern Circuit and nationally. Chambers has state of the art conference, mediation and remote conferencing facilities.


Peter Birkett QC (1972) (QC-1989) ++

Raymond Wigglesworth QC (1974) (QC-1999)++

Lord Brennan QC( 1967) (QC- 1984)++

Robert Glancy QC( 1972) (QC- 1997)++

Stephen Killalea QC (1981) (QC- 2006)++

Nkumbe Ekaney QC(1990) (QC- 2011)++

Rex Howling QC( 1991) (QC- 2011)++

Elizabeth Isaacs QC(1998) (QC- 2013)++

Peter Glenser QC (1998) (QC-2018 )++

Richard Chapman QC (1998) (QC-2019)

Paul Dockery (1973)

Paul O'Brien (1974)

Christopher Diamond (1975)

Christopher Limb (1975)

Mark Laprell (1979)

Ian Huffer (1979)

Richard Vardon (1985)

Stephen J Murray (1986)

Yvonne Healing (1988)

Toby Sasse (1988)

Samantha Birtles (1989)

Elisabeth Tythcott (1989)

Fiona Holloran (1989)

Jonathan Dale (1991)

Janice Wills (1991)

Michael Brady (1992)

Susan Harrison (1993)

Rachel Shenton (1993)

John Chukwuemeka (1994)

Andrew Moore (1996)

David Hoffman (1997)

Rachel Faux (1997)

David Mackley (1997)

Jonathan Grierson (1999)

Wayne Goldstein (1999)

Kate Bramall (1999)

Ben Norman (2000)

Karen Boyle (2000)

Leonie Caplan (2001)

Soria Kajue (2001)

Nicholas Clarke (2001)

Colin Buckle (2002)

Sarah Donaldson (2003)

Laura Thomas (2003)

Jennifer Newstead-Taylor (2004)

Rehana Begum (2004)

Christopher McNall (2005)

Vanessa Lau (2005)

Elahe Youshani (2005)

Angela Bennett (2005)

Farah Ahmed (2005)

Michael Wilkinson (2006)

Evonnie Chan (2006)

Danish Ameen (2006)

Rupert Davies (2007)

Andrew Evans (2007)

Kane Simons (2007)

Oliver Caplan (2007)

Fergal Allen (2007)

Daniel Calder (2008)

Sandra Pope (2008)

Anna Warters (2011)

Gemma McGungle (2011)

Elizabeth Evans (2011)

Lewis Bretts (2012)

Neil Ronan (2012)

Lucy Coulson (2013)

Jonathan Jackson (2013)

Claire Brocklebank (2014)

Jocelyn Hughes (2015)

Jack S Harrison (2015)

Hannah Phoenix (2015)

Joshua Bowker (2015)

Toby Craddock (2015)

Bethany Wilson (2015)

Nicholas Harrison (2016)

Amber Almeida (2016)

Nicola Carroll (2016)

Victoria Empson (2016)

James Preece (2016)

Verity Quaite (2017)

Kate Donohue (2017)

Anna White (2018)

Martine Swinscoe (2018)

Roger Hedgeland (1972)++

Malcolm McEwan (1976)++

Nell Jones (2000)++

Laura Briggs (2001)++

Hugh Rimmer (2003)++

Francesca Dowse (2004)++

++ Associate Member

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Richard Chapman QC
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Richard Chapman QC
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