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Heads of Chambers: Deborah Eaton QC, Philip Marshall QC
Senior Clerk: Chris Gittins
Tenants: 57

THE CHAMBERS 1KBW is a leading set specialising in family law, with a pre-eminent national and international reputation. It is consistently top-ranked for both matrimonial finance and children work, and remains at the cutting edge across the full spectrum of family law. Of all the specialist family sets, 1KBW has the highest number of practitioners ranked in the directories.

THE SET 1KBW comprises 57 barristers, including 12 QCs. The set is widely acknowledged to have an unrivalled breadth of talent, with leading practitioners at every level of seniority and juniors who consistently receive the highest praise.

The set adopts a highly professional, supportive and responsive service to clients. There is a tremendous sense of commitment at this set, both to the development of the law and to the needs of clients. The clerking at this set is second to none, with highly experienced and dedicated clerks offering a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise, all of which is applied when assisting clients with cases honestly, openly and rigorously.

WORK UNDERTAKEN 1KBW is perhaps the only specialist family law set which has a stellar reputation in both matrimonial finance and also in children law.

In matrimonial finance, members of 1KBW have appeared in many of the leading and landmark cases of the last two decades, such as White, Moore, Macfarlane, Miller, Radmacher, Imerman, Charman and many more. Its members continue to act in some of the most high profile cases in the field of matrimonial finance.

In children law, the set boasts many of the current ‘stars’ in this field, both silks and juniors. Members of 1KBW regularly appear in the leading cases across every aspect of children law: private law children, Hague and wardship abduction and care and adoption proceedings.

Many members of the set also undertake work in the Court of Protection. The experience in dealing with sensitive public and private children cases and finance cases means that its members have a unique set of skills to deal with Court of Protection work. The set’s history of advocacy in the criminal courts is often said to give it the edge over its rivals within the family courts.

1KBW has one of the most innovative and experienced dispute resolution teams in the country, comprising 22 members of whom eight are QCs, and led by nationally acclaimed mediator Anthony Kirk QC.


Deborah Eaton QC (1985) (QC-2008)

Philip Marshall QC (1989) (QC-2012) +

Pamela Scriven QC (1970) (QC-1992)

Richard Anelay QC (1970) (QC-1993) +

James Turner QC (1976) (QC-1998)

Charles Howard QC (1975) (QC-1999)

Anthony Kirk QC (1981) (QC-2001) +

Clive Newton QC (1968) (QC-2002)

Christopher Pocock QC (1984) (QC-2009) A †

Frank Feehan QC (1988) (QC 2010)

Richard Harrison QC (1993) (QC-2012)

Anna McKenna QC (1994) (QC 2017)

Caroline Budden (1977) + †

Cherry Harding (1978) +

Caroline Lister (1980) +

Julian Woodbridge (1981) A

Markanza Cudby (1983) †

Elizabeth Selman (1989)

Marcus Fletcher (1990) A

James Roberts (1993) + A †

Christopher McCourt (1993) A

Andrew Baughan (1994)

Victoria Green (1994) + A

Alexander Chandler (1995) A †

Graham Crosthwaite (1995)

Nicola Fox (1996) †

Ashley Thain (1996) +

Nicholas Anderson (1995) + A

Richard Castle (1998)

Harry Oliver (1999) †

Madeleine Reardon (2001) † +

Deepak Nagpal (2002)

Katherine Kelsey (2003) +

Martha Holmes (2003) + A

Caroline Harris (2004)

Jennifer Perrins (2004) A

Perican Tahir (2004) A

Peter Newman (2005)

Stephen Jarmain (2005)

Andrea Watts (2006) + A

Alex Tatton-Bennett (2007) A

Kate Ozwell (2007) +

Kelan McHugh (2007) A

Katy Chokowry (2008)

Laura Moys (2008)

Samantha Ridley (2009)

Charlotte Hartley (2009)

Juliet Chapman (2009) A

George Gordon (2010)

Jennifer Palmer (2011)

Thomas Dance (2012) A

Helen Pomeroy (2012) A

Frances Harris (2013) A

Millicent Benson (2014)

Lucia Crimp (2015)

Anna Sutcliffe (2015)

Max Turnell (2016)

Elizabeth Isaacs QC (1998) (QC-2013) *

Professor Dame Carolyn Hamilton (1996) *

HH Christian Bevington + o

HH John Altman o †

Barry Singleton QC (1968) (QC-1989) o †

Stephen Bellamy QC (1974) (QC-1996) + o

Professor Lucinda Ferguson o

+ Accredited Mediator

A Public/Direct Access

† Arbitrator

* Door Tenant

o Associate