Frequently Asked Questions

Who are we?

Chambers and Partners have published guides to the legal profession since 1990. With a team of 200+ full-time researchers at our London head office we identify and rank the world's best lawyers and law firms based on in-depth, objective research.

What are Chambers guides?

Each guide offers in-depth analysis of the legal market within a specific region (the UK, Europe, Asia, USA, Latin America and Canada), whilst the Global guide offers worldwide coverage, ranking lawyers and law firms with leading international practices.

How to search for a firm or lawyer

We offer three searches: browsing our guides for the ranking tables, searching for lawyers / law-firms by name, and using our Advanced Search (which allows you to apply various filters).


How do I get a ranking in a Chambers directory?

It helps to participate in the research process. Send us a submission and speak to researchers if they contact you.

Is participating in research free?

Yes, there is no cost associated with participating in the research process.

Is an interview essential?

No, it’s not essential. The main purpose of an interview is to gather feedback both on your own practice and on that of other firms.

How are interviews conducted?

Anonymity is a fundamental principle of our research interviews and the identity of interviewees will never be revealed. All interviews - whether with lawyers, clients or other independent sources - should be conducted one-on-one, with no-one else present.


What is a submission and what is it used for?

Your submission gives us information about the areas of law handled by your department and firm. It includes the size of teams, key clients and work highlights over the past 12 months, and is your chance to demonstrate why your firm should be ranked.

By far the best way for you to submit is to use the template, found here.

This ensures that you provide us with the information we need.

It also allows us to process the information quickly.

What is a referee spreadsheet?

We ask for a list of referees to be contacted for a short interview about the firm's work. This allows us to learn what makes your firm stand out in the market.

The referee spreadsheet can be found here. Please include no more than 20 referees per practice area.

How can I upload a submission or referee spreadsheet?

In order for us to review your submission, you will have to upload the completed document to your Chambers Account. You will require a username and password to upload a document.

Where do I get a username and password?

If you do not have login details, please contact Mehri Hudayguliyeva who will be able to provide you with a username and password.

How do I know when to submit?

Submission deadlines for each guide are published on the research schedule which can be found here.

Can I have an extension on the submission deadline?

Any requests for extensions should be discussed with the researcher for that section.

How will confidential information in a submission be protected?

We take confidentiality very seriously. Any information marked ‘Confidential’ will not be disclosed in any way. We appreciate your sending it, however, since it is useful in determining your ranking.

Does sending a submission guarantee a ranking?

No. Sending a submission is only part of the ranking process. We also take into account the feedback of clients, peers and other independent market sources.


Should I send separate submissions for Global and Continent-Wide sections?

Yes you should. We need separate submissions in addition to the country-level submissions. Continent-wide submissions should show work which demonstrates your firm's continental capability. The same applies to Global submissions: they should demonstrate your global capability.

What are Foreign Experts and Foreign Desks?

Foreign Experts are lawyers based in one jurisdiction who have expertise in another jurisdiction. Foreign Desks are groups of lawyers within a firm based in one jurisdiction who have expertise in another jurisdiction.

What are Comparison Tables and how do I update them?

These tables in the Global Guide and on our website show the key facts about a law firm (such as number of lawyers, offices, ranked practice areas and key clients).

You can update your comparison table information online through your Chambers Account.

What is industry sector information and how is it used?

To assist clients in their searches we have added ‘industry sectors’ to ‘practice areas’ and ‘location’ in our website search functions. (See our ‘Advanced Search’.)

Please log in to your Chambers Account to tell us which industry sectors your firm specialises in.  


When will I find out if I'm ranked?

We shall notify you if you’re ranked at the end of the research period. We shall also offer you an extended paid-for profile.

I'm ranked. Why isn't my department?

Department rankings and individual rankings are distinct. If the feedback we receive focuses on an individual rather than the team, we may decide to rank the individual only rather than ranking the whole department.


Where can I find a definition of practice areas?

A definition of the global practice areas we cover can be found here.

A lawyer has recently left our firm. Who should we tell?

Please contact Mehri Hudayguliyeva.

Our firm is merging with another firm. Who should we tell?

Please contact Mehri Hudayguliyeva.

I have a suggestion for a new practice area or an improvement to the Chambers guides. What should I do?

The sections we include are based on what clients say is most useful to them. However, we are happy to consider suggestions for other practice areas. We are also interested in general feedback regarding our research methods.

If your suggestion relates to a specific country or practice area, please contact the relevant editor. If your feedback relates to our research methods or website, please send it to Rieta Ghosh.

How can I ensure that I receive important updates from Chambers and Partners?

Please e-mail Mehri Hudayguliyeva and ask to be added as a research marketing contact.