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What is a submission and what is it used for?

Submissions give us information that we use to analyse legal markets and produce our rankings. A submission includes information about the legal matters handled by a department, firm or set over the review period. It also details the key members of a particular department, firm or set and the key clients they represent. In short, it is your chance to demonstrate why your firm or set should be ranked.

There are two alternative ways of submitting to Chambers.

You can submit by downloading and completing our submission template and referee spreadsheet, found here.

We have also recently introduced a new online submission option. This is a digital platform which allows you to create, update and submit via an online hub. Availability of this platform is limited while we onboard and support those who opt to use it, however, if you are interested in using it, please register your interest and get more information here:

Both ways of submitting ensure that you provide us with the information we need and allows us to process the information quickly.

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