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International & Cross-Border Capabilities in UK

International & Cross Border Capabilities: UK Overview

What This Section Covers:

In the International & Cross Border Capabilities sections, Chambers and Partners highlights the law firms which are identified by clients as the best and most user-friendly to work with when matters involve international aspects, that require the lawyers to consider, manage and advise on issues which are going on across different countries and jurisdictions.

All the firms listed in this section offer strong abilities to serve clients who are seeking a legal team with significant resources in the UK, but also the ability to excel in international work.

Frequently, the firm’s specified have been picked out by clients for their strengths in some or all of the below:

  • coordinating advice on connected transactions, court procedures or regulatory issues in different countries as a lead counsel;
  • providing global reach and giving clients access to top quality legal advice in all the markets they need help;
  • providing seamless and integrated legal services to clients, which create a user-friendly experience across borders; and
  • helping clients in international matters through specific knowledge or experience of sector or industry practices worldwide.

The Different Approaches to International Work:

Across all jurisdictions, the firms highlighted in the International & Cross-Border Capabilities sections are diverse in approach, with many different models of serving clients in international work proving effective.

This includes international firms, which often provide expansive global reach under one roof, with offices around the globe to serve clients across continents.

It also includes independent firms, which often have a limited presence in a few key jurisdictions but are chosen by clients simply for the high quality of the firm’s services in the primary location of the matter, coupled with the firm’s ability to provide an international team through close partnerships with leading firms in jurisdictions where the firm cannot provide direct legal counsel.

Given that there is currently no firm that can comprehensively cover every jurisdiction in the world, in most cases, firms adopt a hybrid approach which combines some elements of both the different models above.

Clients have reported that all different approaches can have an advantage depending on preferences and the various demands of the international matter. Where there are intricate and inter-connected issues across a huge range of jurisdictions, or a need for quick answers on day-to-day issues across a wide geographic area, client often see an advantage in using the most expansive international firms. Where the most significant issues in a matter are in one particular country, or where the deal-making skills and cultural understanding of a client's business is of greater importance, clients can often see an advantage in the independent model.

Chambers Coverage of International Work in the UK:

One notable trend amongst the top firms in the UK includes the distinction between the broader full-service approach taken by most of the largest practices in the UK, contrasted with the more specialised approach adopted by several firms, which have chosen to focus on key areas of strength in order to provide an international platform tailored towards specific groups of clients. Our coverage of International & Cross-Border Capabilities in the UK is divided in this way.

Clients can follow the links below, to either read about international capabilities in greater depth, or to browse the 'Related Rankings' to view firms with a broad full service approach (which have built an international profile across numerous sectors and specialisms) or view firms which have a specialised international focus towards a particular area or sector.

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