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With more than 200 attorneys firmwide, Winston’s intellectual property practice is one of the most active and highly regarded in the country. Winston’s IP practice is unique in that no matter what venue, what discipline, what technology, what industry, what client, or what case we are pitching, we have a strong story to tell and can offer attorneys who have the right mix of experience and credentials. Our attorneys understand that intellectual property litigation is a means of establishing a client’s future competitive position rather than simply resolving a dispute that arises out of past conduct, and we have substantial experience providing assistance to clients who use IP as part of their business strategy.

What is most striking about our practice is that we are at the cutting edge of not just the high-tech, biotech, pharmaceutical, or new media industries, and not just patent litigation, Section 337 investigations, copyright, trademark, or privacy and advertising law, but all of the above. Whether delivering billion-dollar patent verdicts, paving new ground in cutting-edge copyright issues, or prevailing before the Supreme Court, Winston’s lawyers are dominating the landscape of intellectual property law.


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