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Roper Greyell LLP is one of the most well-respected and widely recognised workplace law practices in Western Canada. The firm’s depth of experience and client focused approach have earned them the reputation of being a trusted resource for employers operating in British Columbia and across Canada. Clients of the firm benefit from a diverse and talented group of lawyers who are nationally and internationally recognised in the field of workplace law. 

As a highly specialised, independent law firm, Roper Greyell combines the latest information with a deep historical knowledge of the law to act quickly, insightfully, and effectively to meet the goals of each client in the areas of:

  • ​Employment;
  • Labour;
  • Human Rights;
  • Privacy & Freedom of Information;
  • Litigation;
  • Workplace Health & Safety;
  • Administrative Law; and,
  • Investigations.


Marshall, Gavin (Head of Department)

Sartison, Delayne (Head of Department)

Ainslie, Paige

Bell, Julia

Bennett, Keri L.

Bernstein, Danny

Blanco, Sarah

Campbell, Maggie

Copeland, Ryan

Cuthill, Natalie

Demerse, Alissa

Demerse, Drew

Devins, Jennifer

Dhillon, Melissa

Dickson, Sarah

Gant, Jacqueline

Greyell, Bruce M.

Guarascio, Sandra

Hamata, Mike

Heywood, Gregory

Hillis, Brandon

Hogan, Jennifer

Kilgallin, Michael R.

Klass, Rebecca

Kondopulos, James D.

Kondopulos, James D.

Koperski, Carrie

McFarlane, Graeme

McWhinnie, Meaghan J.

Menten, Julie

Michaux, Jordan

Munroe, Christopher

Navaratnam, Tamara

Nicholl, Andrew

Roper, Thomas A

Russell, Jennifer S.

Sangha, Bobby

Scorda, Danielle

Scorer, Gabrielle

Scorer, Gabrielle

Thorne, Kim

van der Linde, Adam

Wagner, Michael



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