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We have extensive experience representing investors in the communications, energy and transport sectors, in all regulatory and commercial aspects related to their business. Several of our attorneys have extensive experience in advising the government and the local authorities on the establishment and design of regulatory regimes.

Our energy practice represents some of the country’s most important electric generation, transmission and distribution companies. Our experience in the natural gas market is equally commendable, having advised the sector’s regulatory agency in matters related to production and transportation of natural gas, as well as various companies in matters relating to the distribution of natural gas.

Our profound knowledge of the telecommunication industry allows us to offer comprehensive advice in obtaining licenses, concessions and authorizations; negotiating and drafting interconnection agreements; implementing regulated tariff structures; among other. The firm has advised the regulatory authority in charge of transport infrastructure, including on matters related to tariff procedures.

In the field of authorizations and licenses, our law firm assists various companies in the procedure for obtaining licenses and authorizations for the operation and development of their business. In addition, our law firm provides advice and sponsorship to companies in the course of a disciplinary administrative proceedings brought by public entities.