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G&G has vast experience in this field of law. The partners of the firm have had the opportunity to work with both State-owned and private financial institutions; as well as with both Bolivian and international banks.

G&G offers legal services to clients in complex financial transactions, advising both lenders and borrowers. It has considerable experience in securitization, leases and leasebacks, debt offerings, offshore loans and bonds, syndicated loans and project finance transactions. The firm spends considerable amounts of time and effort in tracking all changes in Bolivian financial regulations, in order to keep clients up to date with any possible circumstances that may have an impact on their business.
Guevara & Gutiérrez was the leading Bolivian firm for project finance operations (both FDI and project finance) during the boom of Bolivian privatization policies, in the nineties and first part of the twenty first century. One of the founding partners, Ramiro Guevara, was head of the Legal Department of the Bolivian Central Bank, and later became a director of the Bolivian Central Bank.

Mr. Guevara was also part of the drafting committee of the Central Bank Act, and of several financial regulation laws, such as the Banking Law, the Pension Funds Act, and the Second Floor Financial Entities Act. Among other things, he advised the Bolivian government on the negotiation of its external debt, on issuing of government bonds, and on negotiations with the Paris Club.


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