5 St Andrew's Hill

Extradition Department

London (Bar)
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A chambers with a significant reputation for handling extradition cases that is known for having members who are fully committed to this area of the law. Individuals at the set regularly write and lecture on the topic and are called upon by the national press for their views. They both prosecute and defend cases in concert with teams of UK and foreign extradition lawyers, and are experts in both the European Arrest Warrant regime and cases outside Europe. They have particular expertise in the removal of Interpol Red Notices and a long track record of running human rights arguments relating to prison conditions and political corruption. According to sources, "the extradition barristers at 5 St Andrew's Hill are hugely experienced and have a massive knowledge base."

Client service: "The clerks are all really experienced and make the whole process very easy for the instructing solicitor - they are very interactive." Dean Cook and Gary Norton are "super efficient and approachable." The set as a whole is praised for its provision of "really good seminars and training courses."

Ben Keith

An exceptionally well-regarded barrister who has undertaken a number of complex and unusual extradition cases. He has vast experience of handling European Arrest Warrants, war crimes and cases involving political corruption. Keith is noted for being "extremely thorough in his approach" and "good on legal and technical arguments." He is Education Secretary of the Defence Extradition Lawyers Forum and is responsible for organising the annual conference on extradition.
Strengths: "Extremely bright." "His advocacy is excellent and he is the kind of lawyer who is always there for you." "His knowledge and understanding of the countries and political systems he deals with is unparalleled."
Recent work: Represented Jack Perry in resisting extradition. Perry faced charges of kidnapping in relation to his two year old daughter.

David Josse QC

A highly regarded barrister who is praised for his knowledge and experience of both extradition and international criminal law. He boasts an impressive insight into cases relating to prison conditions. Josse has experience of handling a number of cases relating to former Soviet states.
Strengths: "Highly thought of and an excellent choice for difficult cases."
Recent work: Acted in Zibala v Latvia, an Article 3 prison case concerning the scope and extent of a reopening of an extradition appeal.

David Williams

A highly regarded junior who frequently handles complex extradition matters, including those involving European prison conditions. He also has expertise in Part 2 requests from the USA.
Strengths: "A fearless advocate when it comes to his clients' interests." "David’s client care is excellent; he is a passionate and caring advocate who puts incredible energy into his case presentation."
Recent work: Acted for the respondent in Varga v Romania, an appeal against a decision to extradite. The case concerned Romanian prison conditions.

Gemma Lindfield

A junior who specialises in complex extradition cases, including those relating to genocide. She is also highly experienced at handling extremely high-profile European Arrest Warrants and abuse of process applications. Lindfield also has expertise concerning Rule 39 applications to the ECtHR.
Strengths: "Quite a fighter in court, she battles hard for the client." "Excellent on her feet, she is incredibly tenacious and highly persuasive, always standing her ground."
Recent work: Successfully represented Mr Botos in his appeal against extradition to Italy. The argument prevailed that the extradition would constitute disproportionate interference with his Article 8 rights.

Louisa Collins

Highly experienced in a wide range of complex extradition cases, she represents both foreign governments and requested persons. Collins also specialises in human rights and serious criminal matters.
Strengths: "A robust advocate" who is "a good tactician, expert at drafting impressive advices and skeleton arguments. She has a wide range of knowledge of different jurisdictions." "A highly persuasive advocate."
Recent work: Represented Igor Coev in connection with an extradition request by Moldova. The case hinged on the issue of prison conditions.

Natasha Draycott

She is renowned for her knowledge of European Arrest Warrants as well as her experience of handling matters relating to the standard of prison conditions in international domains.
Strengths: "Well liked by clients, she makes the most complex of arguments in a straightforward and comprehensive way. Her advocacy style is relaxed and she is well received by judges at all levels." "Natasha is a tactically astute lawyer who is very experienced and knowledgeable."
Recent work: Represented Myles Litchmore-Dunbar, an individual facing extradition to Greece despite already having been acquitted of a murder in the country.

Rebecca Hill

An experienced junior who has experience of prosecuting and defending a broad range of extradition cases across all jurisdictions and boasts particular knowledge of human rights issues. She is particularly well versed in European extradition issues and appellate proceedings. 
Strengths: "Very knowledgeable when it comes to various jurisdictions and someone who is good at research."
Recent work: Acted in M v Italy, representing one half of a couple whose return was sought by Italy for human trafficking offences.