Prior to the MCO, beleaguered businesses had already reacted by implementing work from home and other commercially feasible social distancing measures. Armed with hand sanitizers and 3-ply surgical masks, Malaysians braved the threat of infection to attend to daily affairs which for most was going to work. A purposeful stroll into workplaces had been replaced with long queues for temperatures checks and recording of personal details. “Now Everyone Can Fly” became veritably muted as declaration of travel history, contact tracing, travel restrictions and self-isolation and finally closure of borders of several countries affected travel plans. Social media platforms were awashed with photo uploads of people being health screened, names of infected individuals and their workplace were being freely shared. Information was being collected and processed in the name of containment of the virus. As Malaysia and much of the world continues to grapple with the virus, data privacy and its vulnerability becomes heavily tested. The following focuses on the use and sharing of personal information of employees, contractors and visitors by employers in the face of the Covid-19 pandemic.

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