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Law Firm Network Visualizations

Discover a range of visualizations which are drawn from the wealth of Chambers research data to illustrate the size, strength and breadth of Leading and Elite Law Firm Networks, which are included in Chambers Global rankings.

Published on 3 February 2021
Written by Robinson Redmond & George Murray
Robinson Redmond
George Murray

Leading Law Firm Networks

The Leading Law Firm Network charts show the number of member law firms which are recommended in the Chambers Guides in comparison with the overall number of law firms belonging to each network:

Leading Law Firm Networks: Recommended Graph
Leading Law Firm Networks: The Elite Graph

The following charts however shows law firm networks weighted by their member firms' respective rankings in the Chambers guides. Networks attain higher scores if their member firms have the best rankings in the Chambers guides and the broadest coverage of both locations and practice areas:

Leading Law Firm Networks: Recommended weighted Graph
Leading Law Firm Networks: The Elite weighted Graph

Country Overview Visualization for Elite Network Member Firms

The following visualizations illustrate the locations of each Elite Network's member firms. The jurisdictions in which they have presence are highlighted in blue, demonstrating that Law Firm Network's breadth of coverage around the world:

Interlaw Member Firm Presence

Interlex Group Member Firm Presence

Lex Mundi Membership Coverage

Meritas Member Firm Presence

Multilaw Member Firm Presence

TAGLaw Member Firm Presence

TerraLex Member Firm Presence

World Law Group Member Firm Presence

World Services Group Member Firm Presence

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