Current View:

This content is provided by Quintero y Quintero Asesores.

Managing Partner: Edgar Quintero
Senior Partners: Ivan Quintero, Saida Quintero
Number of partners: 5
Number of other lawyers: 25

Advisory & Labour Consulting, Collective Bargaining:
Ivan Quintero, Saida Quintero, Felipe Quintero, Dina López
Defence in Labour Lawsuits: Alejandro Arias, Juan Pablo Diaz, Miguel, Ana Paola Ballesteros, Miguel Salazar, Christian Albornoz
Labour Related Constitutional Remedy (Tutelas):
Alvaro Martínez, Jorge Perez
Proceedings Before the U.G.P.P.:
Alvaro Martínez, María Alcira Montalvo, Felipe Quintero
Social Security & Payroll:
María Alcira Montalvo
Labour Related Education & Audit Services: Alejandra Soler, Felipe Quintero
Advisory & Labour Consulting: Alejandra Soler, Alvaro Martinez, Jaime Solano, Daniela Duque, Leonardo Quiroga, Sandra Mora, Freddy Hernandez, Nadezchda Pacheco

Firm Overview:
Quintero y Quintero Asesores is an advisory and labour consultancy firm with operations in Colombia and Peru, with business offices in Bogota, Medellin, Barranquilla and Lima. Offering an extensive portfolio of professional services, all related to corporate labour and employment matters. The firm is comprised of twenty-five attorneys specialised in labour law, an industrial engineer and an economist, all with extensive field experience.

Main Areas of Practice:

Advisory & Labour Consulting:

Quintero y Quintero Asesores is characterised for providing counsel in the field of labour and employment law exclusively to companies, providing support to the presidency, general management, administrative, financial departments, and human resources in all matters related to labour and employment relationships. Quintero y Quintero is a specialist in designing compensation structures, aligned with current legislation, for new companies or for those seeking to optimise personnel disbursements. Consequently, collective employment policies related to hiring, compensation or discharge of the personnel are designed, developed or reoriented. Clients are advised on the preparation, suspension or termination of employment contracts.

Collective Bargaining:
The firm’s principal partners, Ivan Quintero Martinez and Saida Quintero Martinez, have furthered more than 1000 collective bargaining processes with the trade union organisations diverse natures, sizes and complexities. They have also contributed in the creation or renewal of multiple collective bargaining agreements. Collective negotiations addressed in Peru and Ecuador are led by the firm’s principal partner.

Defence in Labour Lawsuits:
The firm assumes the legal representation of the company in labor proceedings, both ordinary as well as special proceedings as trade union immunity, work- place harassment, and executory proceedings. The firm handles extraordinary cassation appeals before the Labour Chamber of the Supreme Court of Justice. Companies are represented in labor arbitration proceedings before the Supreme Court of Justice in extraordinary appeals seeking annulment of an arbitration award. The firm has a success rate above 78% in labor litigation (internal statistics).

Labour Related Writs of Protection:
■ Response
■ Rebuttal or Objection
■ Legal representation in Constitutional Court

The firm has a success rate surpassing 86% in handling labour related writs of protection (Tutelas) (internal statistics).

Labour Audits:
The firm offers a specialised auditing service exclusively focused on labour and employment. This service includes a detailed review, verification and assessment of each and every labour and employment related area of the company such as: payroll, self-settlements, contracts, vacations, settlement of social benefits, policies, hiring requirements, etc.

Special Projects:
■ Formalisation of work relationships
■ Reductions in personnel — strategy, facilitation and execution
■ Corporate mergers, acquisitions and spin-offs from a labour perspective
■ Corporate acquisition — labour implications
■ Corporate closures, total or partial
■ Business units, economic groups, controlling position — labour implications
■ Homologation of extra-legal labour benefits among different companies
■ Pension commutation

Proceedings before the Ministry of Labour:
■ Monitoring and control of arbitration tribunals
■ Corporate defence in administrative investigations originating from complaints for alleged noncompliance with individual, collective or social security labour legislation
■ Advisory and transacting of requests for total or partial corporate closures and suspension of activities
■ Requirements for authorisations to terminate the contracts of sick or pregnant employees
■ Requirements to obtain overtime work authorisations
■ Response for citations filed by employees and/or former employees or trade unions against the company
■ Handling of voluntary conciliations with employees and/or former employees of the company

Proceedings Before de U.G.P.P.:
Quintero y Quintero Assures is an expert advisory firm on handling social security and parafiscal contributions requirements of the Special Administrative Unit of Pension Management and Parafiscal Contributions (UGPP), ancillary to the Ministry of Finance, for alleged inaccuracies or omissions. The firm counsels and guides the company in assessing the claim and pertinent information, drafting the document and legal claims and acts on behalf of the company in order to clarify and expunge the payments and penalties up to the completion of the process.

Labour Related Education & Refreshers:
The firm provides education and refreshers on legal labour and employment issues offered by duly qualified professionals through conferences, seminars, courses, webinars and workshops.

Languages: English, Spanish

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