This content is provided by Machado, Meyer, Sendacz e Opice.

Managing Partner: Tito Amaral de Andrade

Number of partners: 88

Number of lawyers: 450

Languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, French, German, Italian, Portuguese

Firm Overview: 

Machado Meyer has been building its history for more than 45 years, inspired by sound ethical principles, the technical skills of its professionals, and a close relation with its clients. The firm is ranked as one of the major law firms in Brazil, with over 700 professionals.

The Firm’s Focus: 


Machado Meyer provides innovative legal solutions, anticipate scenarios and make business possible. Combining expertise in various areas of law, broad knowledge of legislation and a thorough understanding of the matter, the firm’s professionals go beyond simple problem-solving to create and preserve value for companies. In other words, Machado Meyer is engaged in offering intelligent legal solutions that contribute to the business growth of its clients and transform realities. The firm’s human capital qualifies and helps it to serve large Brazilian and multinational companies, including eight out of ten largest Brazilian groups. Machado Meyer is always working to establish a partnership that is built with day-to-day interaction, empathy, and its commitment to its clients and employees.

Main Areas of Practice: 

■ Competition & Antitrust

■ Compliance & Integrity

■ Banking, Insurance & Finance

■ Restructuring & Insolvency

■ Capital Markets

■ Corporate

■ M&A & Private Equity

■ Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution

■ Financing & Infrastructure Projects

■ Crisis Management

■ Tax

■ Environmental

■ Labour & Employment

■ Social Security

■ Real Estate

Competition & Antitrust: 

Conducting mergers related to transactions between large Brazilian companies, cross-border transactions notified simultaneously in several countries and transactions involving regulated markets that require articulation and coordination with CADE and other regulatory agencies involved.

Compliance & Integrity:  

Consulting on corporate governance, risk management and compliance (GRC), due diligence focusing on M&A projects (ABCDD), and corporate investigations and crisis management.

Banking, Insurance & Finance: 

Legal advice on the formatting of complex financial transactions, creation and implementation of various types of products and services, and support to the relationship of its clients with regulators.

Restructuring & Insolvency:  

As one of the most traditional debt restructuring and insolvency practices in Brazil, Machado Meyer mainly represents the interests of creditors and investors, exploring alternative agreements and maximising opportunities.

Capital Markets:  

Machado Meyer participates in public offerings of shares and other securities, initial public offerings (IPOs), issuance of debt securities abroad, corporate restructuring, M&A transactions involving public companies, and going public and listing procedures.


Assistance in all procedures related to business law and in strengthening corporate governance system to reduce exposure to risks, ensure legal compliance and help boost business.

M&A & Private Equity: 

Machado Meyer advises domestic and international companies of all sizes in strategic M&A transactions for the expansion, development or sale of their business, providing legal advice to ensure legal certainty and presenting innovative solutions.

Litigation, Arbitration & Dispute Resolution: 

Advise on litigation and preventive matters in several forms of business disputes, acting before the courts, administrative authorities, and regulatory agencies, participating in arbitration and assisting clients in preliminary discussions to prevent or reduce litigation impact.

Financing & Infrastructure Projects: 

The firm assists investors in public bidding and exploring regulated activities through public-private partnerships, concessions, permissions, or authorisations, besides assessing risks, structuring and modelling complex projects, aiming at maximum return on investment. The firm develops innovative solutions for project financing, derivatives, investment funds, securitisations, issuance of debt and other securities.

Crisis Management:  

Experience in complex cases and a multidisciplinary approach are Machado Meyer’s greatest differentiators to help businesses through these turbulences as quickly and safely as possible. The focus is to deter the crisis impacts to preserve the company reputation, minimise losses, speed up and safeguard the maintenance of business.


Machado Meyer provides advice on the interpretation and application of tax rules in all spheres of the public administration. The firm supports clients in structuring new projects and in financial operations, customs regulations, transfer pricing, direct and indirect taxes, interpretation of international treaties, obtaining of tax incentives, and taxation of expatriates.


The firm provides legal advice to clients from the legal audit during the project implementation and environmental licensing process until its actual operation, seeking to establish a dialogue with investors, decision makers, and project funders to translate into negotiating terms, potential risks and mitigating solutions to be adopted.

Labour & Employment: 

Machado Meyer provides guidance about all aspects of the legislation for organisations. The firm seeks to keep them always up to date on changes in labour laws and rules that may affect labour relations, so clients may have the elements necessary for decision making.

Social Security: 

The firm’s work involves the legal analysis of any pension credits, deductibility values related tax benefits, as well as remuneration of companies’ employees, review of compensation, incentive, and pension plans in order to gain efficiency and reduce risks.

Real Estate: 

Machado Meyer advises clients on developing real estate projects, preparing for any acquisition, financing, construction, partnerships and joint ventures, as well as on structuring real estate collateral, leases, ‘built-to-suit’ contracts, leasing, regularisation of rural and urban property, among other operations, including deals that involve international partners and sophisticated financial mechanisms.


Legal advice to tech companies with disruptive business models to help them to understand the Brazilian legal framework, assess and mitigate risks, and allow business to thrive. Support in analyzing the business models proposed and finding a legal framework that is safe and effective from a contractual, tax, and regulatory perspective.

White-Collar Crime: 

Consulting services in criminal matters in order to allow them to comply with strict legal requirements of an environmental, tax, consumer, commercial, labor, and any other nature and to prevent criminal consequences that may affect their business.

International Work: 

Because of the significant flow of today’s existing investment, Machado Meyer has organised professionals specialised in advising clients abroad. The firm has also created multidisciplinary groups, especially in Germany, Spain and Asia with its special desks. In addition to fluency in the respective foreign languages, professionals of the special desks have accumulated experience to eliminate any specific cultural barriers, facilitating the conduct of new business, generating competitive advantage and adding value to the project of clients coming from those regions.