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Current View:

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Number of partners: 5
Number of lawyers: 13 (including 2 paralegals)
Languages:Dutch, English, German, French

Firm Overview:
HabrakenRutten is a top-level boutique solely focused on all legal aspects of built and natural assets. The firm’s expertise not only encompass traditional fixed buildings and infrastructure but also all linear and portable assets such as trains, ships, offshore rigs and networks. Having advised on nearly every significant project in the Netherlands in the past ten years, the firm has gathered unparalleled knowledge of best market practice in the distribution of risks. Through its wealth of experience in sector specific litigation and arbitration the firm has had the opportunity to establish a unique feedback loop that translates into contracts that work. HabrakenRutten helps clients achieve pragmatic and bankable contracts with a focus on getting the deal done. Being active in this field for more than a decade the firm recognises the importance of moving with its clients. Today the firm is looking far beyond traditional construction issues and are investing in expertise in the commercial aspects of data and new ownership concepts, such as Product-as-a-Service and predictive maintenance. The firm changes with its clients at the frontier of the sector, always with an eye on their commercial goals.

Main Areas of Practice:
Road & Rail
Networks & Telecom
Energy & Utilities
Industry & Offshore
Housing & City Planning
Offices & Retail
Accommodations & Leisure
Logistics & Distribution

Highlight Areas:
The firm covers all the disciplines that are necessary for all built and natural asset projects, including procurement, regulatory, contract law, corporate law, finance, securities and insolvency law, as well as litigation and construction-specific arbitration.

Road & Rail:
HabrakenRutten has advised on nearly every significant infrastructure (PPP) project in the Netherlands in the past decade. The list of projects includes national motorways (including aqueducts, tunnels and bridges), rail (including light rail and subway) and large-scale wet infrastructure (bunker terminals, LNG storage facilities, river and sea locks). As the industry is evolving towards preventative management and multidisciplinary integrated range of maintenance, the firm is prepared with expertise in the legal issues that will arise, including the generation and use of data and energy.

Networks & Telecom:
With smart cities, IoT, 5G and other digital transformations, telecom networks face increasing demand of speed and capacity. For energy infrastructure, the transition to sustainable energy sources is an important driver for change as the firm moves from centralised to decentralised energy sources. The firm has knowledge regarding the issues arising in the contracting, execution and maintenance of both complex and first-of-its kind networks, from EVcharging infrastructure and energy neutral buildings to smart high-voltage (mono pylon) grids.

Renewable Energy:
The energy and utilities industries are transforming their traditional procurement models to operating in partner ecosystems to achieve seamlessness between development, production, maintenance, grid and storage. HabrakenRutten has extensive experience of the technical, commercial and legal issues that arise in the energy and utilities industry. The firm has particular experience in advising on alternative energy and renewables, including (offshore) wind farm projects and solar power.

Urban Planning:
This fast-moving sector requires constant innovation and high-level project management as stakeholders shift from monodisciplinary works to overseeing a full supply-chain with no capability gaps. Demand for smart, sustainable, low emission and affordable urban solutions with full circularity have introduced new approaches. The firm’s sector focused approach and extensive industry experience has garnered it with a recognised track record in advising on and litigating around (smart) city centre regeneration projects as well as area developments in sometimes pioneering circumstances.

Industry & Offshore:
Traditional creators of capital assets are increasingly becoming providers of services and cross-sector solutions. Industry classifications are being rewritten as technological change shifts boundaries and industry players are rarely found within one narrow sector anymore. The firm has experience in providing legal services from early planning and project development phases, through construction, operation and asset retirement. The firm has experience in advising on the realisation of subsea pipelines, platforms and offshore wind parks and have been involved in a number of offshore North Sea wind parks in recent time.

Smart Offices & Retail:
Owners, managers and developers increasingly use data to optimise the value of their assets and ‘as-a-Service’ is becoming an important part of any business model. New technologies are increasingly used to achieve sustainable, energy neutral and low emission solutions. The firm has attained recognised expertise in working together with renown architects, financers, owners, developers, contractors and engineering professionals on some of the most cutting-edge office buildings and shopping malls in the Netherlands and beyond. It assists with every stage of the construction, refurbishment, maintenance and life-end circular process.

Accommodations & Leisure:
Integral developments of large-scale accommodations with specialised functions requires expertise in sometimes complex niches, such as hospitals, science parks and laboratories with ‘clean rooms’ or innovative penitentiary institutions using leading-edge technology. The firm has also advised projects with ground-breaking civil and installation technology, such as realising one of Europe’s largest animal attraction parks with the biggest indoor climatized hall in the world.

Logistics & Distribution:
Clients face an ever-tightening race to gain a competitive advantage in this sector. The firm’s expertise includes advising on sophisticated warehouses and logistic hubs weather connected to road, railway, airport, or seaport. The firm understands the sector specific challenges, including climatisation and refrigeration while achieving the highest possible sustainability rating. It also advises clients on realising facilities with the very latest of data collection, high-tech internal transport and order picking systems.