London Office

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Chairman: Lord Chadlington
Number of employees: 25
Languages: Arabic, Chinese, Czech, Farsi, French, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Punjabi/Hindi, Russian, Spanish, Turkish, Urdu

Overview & History:
GPW Group is one of the world’s leading investigations, dispute consulting and political risk specialists. Since 2004 the firm has worked on sensitive, C-suite level issues for a wide range of investors.
GPW helps clients anticipate and mitigate risk across the business cycle, enabling better commercial decisions – from the very first review of a new market through to full diligence on a partner’s credentials and integrity. The firm advises clients operating in opaque and challenging emerging markets; it provides actionable intelligence on the reliability and integrity of commercial counterparties. In contentious situations GPW can help swing the balance of legal disputes and assist recovery.
The firm has significant expertise globally. From its three offices in London, Singapore and Dubai, GPW has experience in both developed and emerging markets. Recent work has included deep-dive research in China, Indonesia, Russia, Kazakhstan, Mexico, the UAE and Guinea – among many others.

GPW advises clients in the following situations:

Dispute Consulting & Investigations:
■ Asset tracing & recovery – Mapping the assets of sovereigns, companies and individuals to in the context of awards. GPW works closely with counsel to gather evidence of assets in the enforcement phase of litigation and arbitration.
■ Litigation support and consulting – Strategic support to clients to maximise chances of successful legal outcomes. The firm’s services include: gathering evidence for litigation and arbitration claims; locating witnesses; and analysis of forensic material (such as email traffic).
■ Internal investigations – Support for in-house and external counsel on fraud or employee malpractice.
Contact: Bruno Vickers
Tel: +65 6914 9857
Email: [email protected]

Sovereign Debt Advisors
GPW now has one of the largest dedicated practices focusing on sovereign debt recovery (GPW Sovereign Debt Advisors) – supporting clients who are enforcing arbitral awards against sovereign states. GPW advises on case strategy, possible routes to funding, and provides holistic support on executing enforcement quickly and efficiently.
Contact: Ashley Messick
Tel: +44 20 7629 9299
Email: [email protected]

Political Intelligence & Market Risk:
■ New market entry – assessment of politics, economic risk, and operational issues in the context of new investment opportunities;
■ Strategic government relations reviews – ongoing support for clients with problematic relations with host governments or stakeholder management;
■ Competitor analysis and market reviews – research into the competitive environment in a client’s market and advice on how to maximise strategic opportunities
Contact: Livia Paggi
Tel: +44 20 7629 9299
Email: [email protected]

Business Intelligence:
■ Due diligence – reviews of key hires, investment opportunities and potential partners
■ Risk & compliance – Know your client’ and background checks and counterparties
■ Sanctions advisory – review of sanctions and export control risk; analysis of complex cross-ownership structures in territories such as Russia, Iran, Myanmar and Zimbabwe
Contact: Philip Worman
Tel: +44 20 7629 9299
Email: [email protected]

GPW’s clients include:
Private equity, sovereign wealth funds, multilateral banks, hedge funds, corporates (in tech, mining, oil and gas, and infrastructure), top law firms, litigation funders and private investors.