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Managing Partner: Andres Godoy Córdoba
Partners: Carlos Hernan Godoy Fajardo, Francisco Buritica Ruiz, Gustavo Gnecco Mendoza, Andrés DaCosta Herrera, Ana Cristina Medina González y Santiago Martinez Méndez and Federico Bernal García

Labour & Employment
Corporate Immigration...................................................................................15%

THE FIRM: With a 33-year track record, Godoy Córdoba is the only Colombian firm specialising in labour, social security, and immigration law with global coverage, as a result of its relationship with Littler.

Its seven partners represent the combination of experience, gained through four generations, a vast knowledge of the challenges faced by employers in different industries, the dynamics of the judicial branch and the governing bodies of public policy in this field.

A firm that has an interdisciplinary approach, led by its managing partner and an in-house team of innovation and development which constantly generates technological and service solutions, in order to enrich the client´s experience. Among them, an application of statistical analysis of our clients´ legal activities, named DOMO, which lets the firm view ruling tendencies by city and topic, among other reports of litigation distribution by geographical location, topic, likelihood of success, financial pretensions, status, etc. Also, a software designed to capture information collected in the field, provide report automatisation, and upload indicators for programs of labour practices assurance in extensive supply chains, named ARCO.

Labour Consulting: Carlos Hernan Godoy Fajardo, Francisco Buritica Ruiz, Andrés DaCosta Herrera, Ana Cristina Medina Gonzalez, Santiago Martinez Mendez, Federico Bernal  
Litigation: Gustavo Gnecco Mendoza, Andrés DaCosta Herrera
Companies Restructuring & Procedures before the Ministry of Labour: Federico Bernal García Negotiation: Ricardo Alonso
Labour Audits: Santiago Martinez Mendez
Corporate Immigration, Training & Global Accounts: Andres Godoy Córdoba


The firm has a consulting area that accompanies the decision-making process of companies´ legal and human talent departments, pondering risks and providing strategic recommendations that transcend legal optics. Understanding the client’s business and its main challenges. This area works in a comprehensive manner with the litigation unit’s team, which deals with all types of labour and administrative claims, correlated with the employee environment, and has the support of 2 partners, one of whom is a former magistrate of the Supreme Court of Justice. It also aligns its tasks with the area in charge of restructuring and proceedings before the Ministry of Labour, which takes on duties that range from basic proceedings to retirement plans, and represents clients on formal processes of labor inspection. And, lastly, a labour-fiscal area, dedicated to the taxable aspects related with labour compensation.

It has a global accounts department that caters to clients with requirements outside Colombia and over 40 countries around the world, providing a service experience that is aligned and unified in all serviced markets.

It has a series of specialised units, as is the negotiation unit, dedicated to achieving agreements and administrating collective conflicts within companies, with unionised and non-unionised personnel; assurance, focused on auditing and diagnosing companies’ labour practices and their supply chains; and, lastly, training.

Immigration: The firm is a member of the Member Firm Network Initiative, of Fragomen Worldwide. It leads its Andean services hub, with a firm presence in Venezuela, Peru, and Colombia. It’s an expert in all types of migration proceedings and offers coverage in over 170 countries.

LANGUAGES: English, Spanish.

■ Oil and gas
■ Mass Consumption Companies
■ Pharmaceutical
■ Insurance
■ Financial
■ Transportation & Logistics
■ Technology
■ Construction
■ Agroindustry
■ Among Others