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Barcelona Office

This content is provided by Abroading.

Abroading is a proven, trusted and first alternative legal services provider in Spain, specialized in the provision of legal support services, managed services and legal process outsourcing to corporations, law firms and institutions for more than 11 years. Abroading offers support to legal teams of different profiles, streamlining their daily tasks and helping them to increase their efficiency and results, providing services in different languages and jurisdictions.


Our innovative approach to legal services has led us to implement innovative technology in many of our processes, which allows us to offer global and flexible solutions to the multiple challenges posed by the legal sector.

Abroading has a team integrated by senior and business-oriented lawyers, paralegals, administrative assistants, data analysts, project managers and collaborators in technology solutions to offer global and multi-task services. Abroading has been in the market for more than 11 years, reviewing up to 15,000 agreements per year, and 70% of our clients remain collaborating with the company for more than 5 years.


Abroading offers the following services:

Contract review & management

-Contract drafting and negotiation in different formats.

-Risks reports.

-Key clauses and Technology Assessment.

-Real Estate, Commercial contracting, Regulatory Agreements.

-Tailored contract review reports with AI software

Legal Research

-Laws, regulations, and case-law analysis for technical notes, internal communications or reports.

-Informative articles and newsletters

-Business queries and claims, preparation of presentations and conferences.

Document Management

-Corporate secretarial services and minutes and certificates of General Meetings and Administrative Bodies

-Support tasks within Due Diligence operations, specializing in real estate and commercial transactions

-Legal forms to authorities

-Document digitalization and file management.

-Data analytics & management with AI software

-Translations to different languages

Compliance and privacy

-National and international regulatory standards analysis

-Compliance + Governance and Risk Management

-Appointment of DPO office

-Preparation of documentation and audits according to the GDPR.

-Regulatory studies related to different matters (food and health, medicines, privacy, prevention of money laundering, etc.)

Litigation management

-Case law analysis and reports on the position of the courts in different cases

-Lawsuit drafting and replies

-Appeals, pleading writings and other court documents.

-Notifications and follow up management

-Administrative, payment and customer service procedures

Secondment and Legal Management

-Services as an in-house lawyer during periods of sick leave or leave of absence.

-Secondments with online services.

-Managed services and development of working methods.

-Definition of structures and tasks to increase team productivity.

-Technology and process support