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Richard Christie QC

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Practice Areas

Crime, fraud (crime), inquests, POCA and asset and forfeiture.

Professional Memberships

Criminal Bar Association; South Eastern Circuit.


Specialises in all areas of criminal work, particularly serious fraud, murder and cases requiring substantial client care. Expertise in MTIC cases. Successfully defended in the hugely complicated historic axe murder of Private Eye Daniel Morgan: linked to the phone-hacking scandal, featured on Panorama and the longest pre-trial legal argument in English Criminal Law. Both SFO panels of approved Queen’s Counsel. Rough-justice cases and J.R. for Criminal Cases Review Commission. Trained with Touche Ross and Co. (P) below denotes prosecution. (1) R v X (£40 million VAT fraud - extensive PII - D. an informant -acquitted); (2) R v Smith (Murder appeal based on fresh evidence); (3) R v Walpole (Conspiracy to import cocaine and cannabis); (4) R v Grady (Letters of Credit fraud on the Clearing Banks - acquitted); (5) R v Chapman (£16.75m MTIC VAT fraud); (6) R v Piggott (£44 million MTIC fraud - off-shore companies. Confiscation and ancillary relief proceedings - RCJ) - (P). (7) R v Carine (Appeal - Southend airport conspirators (250kg of cocaine) (8) R v Bush (Appeal - murder) (9) R v Strain (Hydro carbons fraud and confiscation- Northern Irish OCG) (P). (10) R v Carter (Murder- acquitted) (11) R v Duffy (Murder – diminished responsibility) (12) R v Long (Serious fraud/arson) (P) (13) R v Donnan (£35m MTIC and confiscation) (P) (14) R v Bodden (Murder - Cayman Islands – acquitted) (15) R v Nevers (Attacks on 9 women) (P) (16) R v Ahmed (Appeal: rape and kidnap - Islamic marriage. fresh evidence from LPP material) (17) R v Abu and others (immigration fraud) (P) (18) R v Tambengwa (Murder and serious sexual offences on child) (P) (19) R v S (Appeal - historic sexual offences. Re trial – acquitted) (20) R v M (serious sexual offences. Appeal (quashed) – re-trial – 2nd appeal: acquitted) (21) R v Hale (Murder – missing victim. Front page Evening Standard and Sky News. Acquitted) (22) R v Rees (Daniel Morgan Murder, police corruption, 750,000 pp. of material, 5 month abuse of process; 5 previous enquiries. Acquitted); (23) R v Conroy (Ten-handed excise fraud and confiscation) (P); (24) R v Briggs (£1 billion Cocaine importation, firearms - acquitted) (25) R v Hanson (Conspiracy to murder – contract killing - acquitted) (26) R v Gill (£38m carbon credit fraud) (27) R v Naqshbandi (£6m – crash for cash conspiracy to defraud) (28) R v Dudley (Gross-negligence manslaughter - acquitted) (29) R v Durham (11 x conspiracy to rob CIT vans – 6/11 acquitted – fit up alleged) (30) R v M (Attempted murder and anal rape) (31) R v Yearsley (£multimillion confiscation) – P (32) R v T (Rough-justice appeal – serious sexual offences) (33) R v Bensley (£24m MTIC fraud - acquitted) (34) R v Bashardost (7 handed murder – acquitted) (35) R v Simon (Murder – dismemberment) (36) R v I (6 handed murder – acquitted) (37) R v Evans (SFO open cast mining fraud - P) (38) R v Rafiq – Human trafficking – first ever prosecution of end user of trafficked labour in UK – John Lewis/Next (39) R v Sylvester (drugs-gang murder - P); (40) R v Bergin ( A. Murder - P) (41) R v K (1.2m pp. - 6 month trial- immigration and HMRC fraud - ongoing) (42) R v H (tax evasion fraud)