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This content is provided by Mia Falk.

Practice Areas

Since January 2019, Mia Falk is responsible for Corporate Crime & Compliance services.

With her background as a police officer and 25 years’ experience of preventing and investigating financial misconduct, Mia has managed most types of misconduct within both the private and the public sector. She also has broad experience of managing the risks which may be associated with such misconduct both within organizations as well as for individuals.

Mia has worked as a police officer and investigator at, among others, the Swedish Economic Crime Authority, the Financial Police and the National Corruption Group and has also had global responsibility for internal investigations within the Scania Group.

In addition, she has worked as internal investigator within the UN and as a risk consultant at KPMG, where she advised companies and public authorities in relation to the prevention and investigation of various types of corruption and other misconduct.