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Expatriate Law was co-founded by Alexandra Tribe and her father David Hallam-Peel to specialise in divorce and family law matters for British expatriates and international families with links to England.

Alexandra has advised a wide range of expatriate clients, high net worth individuals, professionals, successful entrepreneurs, and individuals from international ruling families. Having practised law in Dubai for 9 years, Alexandra has extensive knowledge of Sharia laws and their impact on family matters for expatriates. She regularly advises English law firms on Dubai laws and their implication.


Partner at Hallam-Peel & Co, Legal Consultant at Al Midfa & Associates (Dubai), Legal Consultant at Al Rowaad Advocates (Dubai), Owner and managing partner of Expatriate Law.

Professional Memberships

Fellow of the International Academy of Family Lawyers

Resolution Accredited Specialist (International family law and advanced financial provision)

Committee member of Resolution's International Family Law Committee


UAE chapter of ‘Family Law Jurisdictional Comparisons (2nd Edition)’, published by European Lawyer/ Thomson Reuters.

Contributing author to Resolution’s Guide to International Family Law.

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Alexandra Tribe

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