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Managing Partner: Arnaud ZABALDANO
Number of partner:1
Number of lawyers: 12
Languages: English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Russian, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Zabaldano law office is a dedicated civil and criminal litigation practice in Monaco providing high performance representation to individual and institutional clients in complex domestic and international disputes. Founded in 2011 by Arnaud Zabaldano, the law firm has established a first-class international client base, advising large operators in building, construction, real estate, international banking, insurance, pharmaceutical and luxury sectors. Recent years have seen a major expansion in international private law and criminal cases involving extradition. Commitment to excellence is reflected in the intensity, constancy and rigor applied to every case aiming to find the winning strategy. The accomplished, multi-disciplinary team have acquired extensive experience and in-depth knowledge of Monaco and international law offering clients a broad range of legal services in high profile corporate, commercial, civil law and criminal matters. Advising clients to make successful strategic decisions which can be seen in the results achieved. Arnaud Zabaldano leads and oversees all matters within the law office and has a wealth of experience in advising clients to make successful strategic decisions which can be seen in the results achieved. Arnaud is a Barrister at the Bar of Monaco where he has practiced since 2001. He is a skilled litigator focusing on complex corporate and commercial disputes serving international clients. Furthermore, he has been involved in several criminal cases involving international rogatory letters as well as extradition requests. He is experienced in providing representation in the most high value and high stakes disputes in Monaco and on a cross-border basis. Significant recent instructions include representing high profile individuals in criminal proceedings concerning interpol notices, recovery proceedings, complex real estate and commercial cases and all aspects of an estate case involving corporate consequences and individualisation of heritage and inheritance. He also represents high-profile ex- government officials in corruption criminal cases

Main Areas of Practice:
Private Client:

Zabaldano Law Office offers its national and international clients expertise and considerable experience in international private law, essential know-how to living or working in Monaco. The firm has many foreign correspondents who ensure a high quality legal support in cases with an international dimension.Zabaldano Law Office advises, assists and represents its clients in cross-border cases.

Family & Inheritance Law - Personal Status:
It also handles matters relating to family issues (divorce, matrimonial property regimes, inheritance, protection of vulnerable persons). Zabaldano Law office provides its national and international clients its solid expertise and recognised experience for consultations or litigation.
Main areas of expertise:
■ Family law (divorce, parental rights, visitation, adoption, etc)
■ Matrimonial regimes (change of matrimonial regime, liquidation, advice)
■ Inheritance (national or international);
■ Measures to protect vulnerable people (children, adults under guardianship, curatorship);
■ Civil contracts
■  Contractual and tort liability

Real Estate & Construction:
Zabaldano Law office offers expertise in real estate and construction to its clients who are developers, builders, landlords and tenants. Zabaldano Law office provides advice in all operations, including the most complex ones, and assists and represents its clients in all litigation proceedings.
Main areas of expertise:
■ Contractual and tort liability
■ Interim proceedings, judicial expertise
■ Preparation of civil and commercial leases
■ Legal Negotiation in transactions involving real estate
 ■ Consultation on regulations or contracts for buildings
■ Real estate transactions

Criminal Law & Human Rights
The practice of business law has naturally led the Zabaldano Law office to develop a specific division in criminal law cases. Zabaldano Law office advises, assists and represents its clients (companies, entrepreneurs and individuals) in all criminal proceedings they are facing, on a national or international dimension. This area has grown significantly in the past few years with specific experience in international letters of rogatory, extradition matters and the defence of high profile ex-government officials.

Corpôrate, Commercial & M&A:
Zabaldano Law Office works with its clients in all areas of commercial law advice by providing assistance and representing them in both transactional and litigation matters.
Main areas of expertise:
■ Consultations in various areas of commercial law
■ Negotiating and drafting of commercial contracts
■ Intellectual and industrial property
■ Commercial Leases
 ■ Insolvency
■ Assistance and representation in any proceedings relating to commercial law

Employment Law:
Zabaldano Law office applies its skills to the world of work to assist in everyday social management matters or more complex operations. Zabaldano Law office also advises and represents clients and companies in employment law litigation.
Main areas of expertise:
■ All matters regarding labour relations between the company and its employees
■ Procedures for individual or collective dismissals
■ Restructuring and assistance in the development of redundancy plans and negotiations with the relevant authorities and staff representatives
■ Establishment and operations of staff representative bodies (negotiations between management and employees)
■ Social audits
 ■ Skills and employment management planning
 ■ Drafting of legal protection and liabilities for Company Managers
■ Assistance and representation in any workplace dispute
■ Relations with the Department of Social Affairs and Health

Recovery Procedures & Enforcement
Zabaldano Law office advises, assists and represents its clients to enable them to recover their debts, through amicable settlement or litigation, and represents its clients to enforce court decisions. Zabaldano Law office also assists and represents its customers in the enforcement of foreign decision proceedings in the Principality.
Main areas of expertise:
■ Establishment of amicable and litigation recovery strategies
■ Drafting of legal protection for debtors
■ Mediation between creditors and debtors
■ Implementation of any interim measure
■ Assistance and representation in all recovery actions
■ Assistance and representation in all proceedings for enforcement of foreign judgments

Banking & Finance:
Zabaldano Law Office offers its clients extensive expertise and thorough knowledge of banking and finance law. The firm carefully takes into consideration the interests of their clients in the financial and banking world aiming to provide relevant and personalized legal solutions. Zabaldano Law Office regularly advises and represents clients in banking and financial litigation.
Main areas of expertise:
■ Consultations in Banking and Finance Law
■ Banking & Financial Law (including creation and approval of structures)
■ Banking and Financial Services
■ Structured Finance
■ Security Interests
■ Assistance and representation in any proceedings relating to banking and financial law


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