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Wilberforce Chambers

This content is provided by Wilberforce Chambers.

Head of Chambers: Brian Green QC
Practice Director: Nicholas Luckman
Executive Director: John Treacy
Head Practice Manager:
Mark Rushton
Senior Practice Managers: Danny Smillie Fraser Geddes Andrew Barnes
Tenants: 79

The set is widely recognised as one of the leading chambers in its core specialist areas of commercial litigation, arbitration and ADR, insolvency, pensions, private client and trusts, property and professional liability. With 79 barristers (37 QCs), Chambers is able to offer specialist barristers at all levels of seniority and across the spectrum of commercial and chancery work. It has individuals who possess excellent reputations for their specialist capabilities in the additional fields of art and cultural property, banking and financial services, company and partnership, construction, fraud, IT and telecoms, sport, and tax.

With its strength and depth of expertise, members of Chambers undertake many of the most complex and important cases in the UK and overseas. Indeed, many of the set’s barristers are full members of, or have been called, ad hoc, to, the local Bars of international jurisdictions such as the Bahamas, Bermuda, BVI, the Cayman Islands, The Turks & Caicos Islands, Gibraltar, Dubai, Hong Kong and Singapore. Members work hard to build and maintain strong long-term relationships with their clients, including leading UK and international law firms, multinational corporations, major organisations, private companies and individuals. Clients value the modern quality of chambers’ clerking and organisational management and the approachable service provided by barristers and clerks.

Wilberforce also maintains a strong commitment to corporate social responsibility (CSR); through its Bar Access Programme the set is actively involved in outreach and access initiatives to encourage and support people from diverse backgrounds in developing a career at the Bar. An important element of the Bar Access Programme is the on-going partnership with the Sutton Trust (the well-known charitable foundation whose aim is to promote social mobility) through which the set supports their various initiatives in the legal arena.


Michael Barnes QC (1965) (QC-1981)

John Martin QC (1972) (QC-1991)

Stuart Isaacs QC (1975) (QC-1991)

Lawrence Cohen QC (1974) (QC-1993)

Ian Croxford QC (1976) (QC-1993)

Robert Ham QC (1973) (QC-1994)

John Furber QC (1973) (QC-1995)

Terence Mowschenson QC (1977) (QC-1995)

Brian Green QC (1980) (QC-1997)

David Phillips QC (1976) (QC-1997)

Michael Furness QC (1982) (QC-2000)

John Wardell QC (1979) (QC-2002)

Alan Gourgey QC (1984) (QC-2003)

Jonathan Seitler QC (1985) (QC-2003)

Gilead Cooper QC (1983) (QC-2006)

Michael Tennet QC (1985) (QC-2006)

Thomas Lowe QC (1985) (QC-2008)

James Ayliffe QC (1987) (QC-2008)

Lexa Hilliard QC (1987) (QC-2009)

Paul Newman QC (1991) (QC-2009)

Joanna Smith QC (1990) (QC-2009)

Joanne Wicks QC (1990) (QC-2010)

Martin Hutchings QC (1986) (QC-2011)

Mark Wonnacott QC (1989) (QC-2013)

Fenner Moeran QC (1996) (QC-2014)

Marcia Shekerdemian QC (1987) (QC-2015)

Clare Stanley QC (1994) (QC-2015)

Jonathan Davey QC (2003) (QC-2016)

Jonathan Hilliard QC (2003) (QC-2016)

Tim Penny QC (1988) (QC-2016)

Max Mallin QC (1993) (QC-2017)

Julian Greenhill QC (1997) (QC-2018)

Tiffany Scott QC (1998) (QC-2018)

Nikki Singla QC (2000) (QC-2018)

James Bailey QC (1999) (QC-2019)

Zoë Barton QC (2003) (QC-2020)

Andrew Mold QC (2003) (QC2020)

John Child (1966)

Thomas Seymour (1975)

David Pollard (2017/Solicitor 1980)

Judith Bryant (1987)

Gabriel Fadipe (1991)

Graeme Halkerston (1994)

Emily Campbell (1995)

Andrew Child (1997)

Iain Pester (1999)

Edward Sawyer (2001)

Stephen Brown (2013/Solicitor 1991)

Thomas Robinson (2003)

Daniel Lewis (2003)

Emily McKechnie (2005)

Charlotte Black (2006)

Sebastian Allen (2006)

James Walmsley (2007)

Benjamin Faulkner (2008)

Anna Littler (2008)

James McCreath (2009)

Emer Murphy (2009)

Tom Roscoe (2010)

Jonathan Chew (2010)

Simon Atkinson (2011)

Bobby Friedman (2011)

Harriet Holmes (2011)

Jack Watson (2012)

James Goodwin (2013)

Rachael Earle (2013)

Michael Ashdown (2013)

Elizabeth Houghton (2014 / 2011 Western Australia)

Tim Matthewson (2014)

Jamie Holmes (2014)

Joseph Steadman (2015)

Tara Taylor (2015)

Daniel Scott (2016)

Cara Goldthorpe (2017)

Jia Wei Lee (2017)

Francesca Mitchell (2017)

Daniel Petrides (2018)

Lemuel Lucan-Wilson (2018)

Caspar Bartscherer (2019)

Jules Sher QC (1968) (QC-1981)

° ARB Caroline Furze (1992)

° Door Tenant ARB Arbitrator