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Managing Partner: Michael Colborne
Number of partners: 40
Number of lawyers: 58
Languages: English, French, Mandarin

Firm Overview:
Thorsteinssons is Canada’s largest law firm practicing exclusively in tax. Its lawyers are consistently recognised among Canada’s leading tax practitioners. Tax is an area of great complexity. By restricting its practice to tax the firm is better able to deliver the level of skill and attention demanded by clients. The practice encompasses all aspects of taxation including tax planning, compliance and representation at all levels. Thorsteinssons provides tax advice of the highest quality to clients around the world and is known for its skillful work in highly complex matters. Its close client relationships afford it the in-depth understanding of clients’ businesses that is necessary to deliver the quality of service and advice they demand. The firm’s goal throughout is to provide clients with valuable solutions in a timely and efficient manner. Working together, it shares an uncompromising commitment to excellence in everything it does. 

Main Areas of Practice:

Corporate Tax Advice & Planning:
The corporate tax advice group offers a comprehensive range of tax advisory services for all types of clients, from multinational public corporations to regional entrepreneurial enterprises. It services all sectors of the economy including telecommunications, mining, real estate development and manufacturing through a diversified and highly experienced team of dedicated tax advisors. The group routinely assists clients located in various and varied foreign jurisdictions who are investing or otherwise carrying on business in Canada, as well as Canadian-based businesses with operations abroad. The group possesses both the knowledge and experience to address all aspects of Canadian tax planning for business enterprises.
Contact: Paul Gibney
Tel: 416 864 0829

International Taxation:
Thorsteinssons has a very diverse client base which includes Canadian and foreign based individuals, companies, partnerships and trusts seeking to establish a presence in Canada or abroad both in terms of corporate structure and financing. Thorsteinssons has extensive experience advising in connection with issues involving: hostile and friendly cross-border mergers and acquisitions; crossborder public and private debt and equity offerings; the selection of tax efficient holding company locations; the development and implementation of cross-border financing and treasury operations; controlled foreign company (foreign affiliate) tax planning; income tax treaties; profit repatriation; loss utilisation; managing intellectual property and intangible assets; developing tax efficient supply chains; and transfer pricing.
Contact: Michael Colborne
Tel: 416 864 0829

Resource Tax:
Canada is known for its abundant natural resources: vast oil and gas reserves, rich mineral deposits and expansive forests. The taxation of these important resources is an area of unique complexity. Corporations engaged in resource extraction are subject to special rules and statutes that impose additional taxes and complexity (over and above the usual tax rules that apply to all businesses). Canada is also well known for its capital markets that finance resource acquisitions and exploration around the world. In addition, many Canadian-based (and foreign-based) companies expand to conduct foreign mining operations from (and through) Canada. In this respect, Canada’s comprehensive 'foreign affiliate' tax system adds even further layers of tax complexity for companies engaged in these industries.
Contact: Ian Gamble
Tel: 604 689 1261

Customs & International Trade:
The customs and international trade group provides strategic trade and customs advice to a wide variety of national and multinational clients. Work includes providing pre-importation advice on areas such as valuation, tariff classification, NAFTA, export and import permits and other non-tariff barriers. The group has substantial experience helping clients proactively address trade compliance issues and effectively manage customs audits.
Contact: Rosemary Anderson
Tel: 604 689 1261

Tax Litigation:
The firm’s litigation group has unparalleled experience in Canadian tax matters. The firm represents clients at every level and in every manner of tax dispute. The firm’s lawyers have appeared in all levels of court and have been involved in many of the most significant tax cases litigated in Canada. The firm’s litigation group represents clients under criminal investigation by the Canada Revenue Agency and has successfully represented clients against charges of tax evasion and other regulatory offenses.
Contact: Robert Carvalho
Tel: 604 689 1261

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