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Managing Partner: Paulo Câmara
Number of partners: 29 Number of lawyers: 72
Languages: English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Sérvulo & Associados is considered one of the leading legal outfits in Portugal, and it is mainly dedicated to practice areas that are of strategic economic importance. Sérvulo provides its national and international clients with legal advice precisely tailored to their needs. The firm’s lawyers have a thorough understanding of clients’ business needs and objectives and always act in the best interest of the clients. Sérvulo is completely dedicated to the excellence of the legal services it provides. And for this purpose Sérvulo is permanently focused on the quality of its lawyers, who have a unique combination of characteristics: strong and long-standing ties to academia, experience in Portugal’s legislative process, experience in groundbreaking transactions and cases. At the global level, Sérvulo is a member of three international networks of law firms (Legalink, Cathay Associates and Roxin Alliance) and it has a presence in Brazil, Angola, Mozambique, Guinea-Bissau, Cape Verde, São Tomé and Príncipe, Macao, East-Timor, Madeira and Azores, through its own multilateral network of leading law firms in Portuguese-speaking jurisdictions (SÉRVULO LATITUDE).

Main Areas of Practice:  

Public Law
Corporate, Commercial & M&A
Finance & Governance
Restructuring & Insolvency
Employment Law
Corporate Crime & Regulatory Compliance
European & Competition Law
Real Estate, Urban Planning & Environmental Law
Litigation & Arbitration
Intellectual Property
Life Sciences
Data Protection
Sports Law

Public Law:
Sérvulo has one of the largest public law departments in Europe. Ensuring all aspects of public law. Specialisations include constitutional and administrative law, public procurement and public contracts, administrative litigation and arbitration, large-scale infrastructure projects, water and waste and energy.
Contact: Rui Medeiros Email: [email protected]
Contact: João Amaral e Almeida Email: [email protected]
Contact: Mark Kirkby Email: [email protected]

Corporate, Commercial & M&A:
The department has a wealth of experience advising corporate clients, undertaking compliance and risk analysis on the preventative side, negotiating deals at the national and international level on the transactional side and on cross-border transactions, and providing day-to-day advice to clients at all stages of the company life cycle, including corporate litigation.
Contact: Sofia Carreiro Email: [email protected]
Contact: Teresa Anselmo Vaz Email: [email protected]

Finance & Governance:
Provision of integrated services in the areas of banking, capital markets, governance and insurance law. The finance and governance team distinguishes itself for being equally adept at handling transactional and regulatory matters.
Contact: Manuel Magalhães Email: [email protected]
Contact: Paulo Câmara Email: [email protected]

Restructuring & Insolvency:
Sérvulo’s experience handling company insolvencies and restructuring is highly respected by the market, especially with regards to working for credit institutions. The firm acts for debtors and creditors, representing them at all stages of legal proceedings, but also adopts a preventive approach and seeks to resolve disputes through negotiation rather than litigation.
Contact: Manuel Magalhães Email: [email protected]
Contact: Mafalda Ferreira Santos Email: [email protected]

Employment Law:
The department advises on the consultancy and litigation sides, acting for clients across all sectors. Specialisations include labour relations, company restructuring, collective bargaining, public sector employment, social security and pensions and labour litigation matters.
Contact: Rita Canas da Silva Email: [email protected]
Contact: Margarida Costa Gomes Email: [email protected]

The department is especially well-positioned to provide tax advice on highly-complex matters. Vast experience in tax litigation, national and local taxation, tax benefits, and in steering clients through the procedures required to apply for the non-habitual residents’ regime.
Contact: Diogo Feio Email: [email protected]

Corporate Crime & Regulatory Compliance:
The team advises and represents companies, public entities and individuals on high profile criminal liability and regulatory offences procedures. It also provides a compliance advice service, assisting clients in creating and maintaining effective compliance programmes.
Contact: José Lobo Moutinho Email: [email protected]
Contact: Teresa Serra Email: [email protected]

European & Competition Law:
The department is equipped to handle all manner of issues relating to EU and competition law, especially in the areas of merger control, restrictive practices, abuse of dominant position, State aid, internal market, EU litigation and compliance, also covering the areas of healthcare and pharmaceutical law.
Contact: Miguel Gorjão-Henriques Email: [email protected]

Real Estate, Urban Planning & Environmental Law:
The team is specialised in real estate transactions, as well as in advising national and international clients investing in real estate and tourism developments in Portugal. In terms of urban planning and environmental law, the team has also considerable experience providing zoning advice to clients.
Contact: Manuel Magalhães Email: [email protected]
Contact: Eduardo Gonçalves Rodrigues Email: [email protected]

Litigation & Arbitration:
Sérvulo is undoubtedly a one stop shop in dispute resolution, boasting under the same roof highlyspecialised teams in the areas of civil and commercial litigation, corporate crime and regulatory compliance and arbitration.
Contact: António Teles Email: [email protected]
Contact: João Saúde Email: [email protected]
Contact: Mafalda Ferreira Santos Email: [email protected]

Intellectual Property:
Sérvulo holds a team of lawyers with more than twenty years of solid experience in Intellectual Property. Industrial property (trademarks, patents, utility models, designs and models and logos) and copyright, as well as legal representation in disputes in these areas, stand out.
Contact: Ana Rita Paínho Email: [email protected]

Life Sciences:
The team has in-depth knowledge of drug’s, medical devices or other health products life cycle, enabling it to provide specialised advice at all stages, including research and development of new products and their respective intellectual property issues, data protection, regulation and inherent litigation.
Contact: Ana Rita Paínho Email: [email protected]
Contact: Miguel Gorjão-Henriques Email: [email protected]

Sérvulo provides legal and strategic advice on all types of contracts from the software industry, e-commerce, internet and all matters related to new technologies, as well as in regulatory issues in the telecommunications sector. Sérvulo also provides advisory services in media, publicity and image rights.
Contact: Ana Rita Paínho Email: [email protected]

Privacy & Data Protection:
The services provided include - among others - GDPR matters, preparation and revision of privacy policies and notices, wording of personal data processing contracts, advice in data protection impact assessment procedures, representation before supervisory authorities, protection of personal rights and proceedings for application of penalties for infringement.
Contact: Ana Rita Paínho Email: [email protected]
Contact: José Lobo Moutinho Email: [email protected]
Contact: João Carmona Dias Email: [email protected]

Sports Law:
The team provides its clients with a legal approach of a high cross-cutting nature in sports law, intertwining matters as diverse as contract law, labour law, commercial law, administrative law and tax law, among others.
Contact: João Saúde Email: [email protected]


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