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This content is provided by Reed, Claymon, Meeker & Hargett, PLLC.

Managing Partner: Kevin Reed
Number of partners: 8  Number of lawyers: 10
Languages: English

Firm Overview:
Texas’ burgeoning health care industry presents businesses and individuals a myriad of opportunities for expansion and diversification, all while managing the daily challenges of administrative and regulatory matters. As one of Texas’ most experienced law firms focused on serving health care clients, Reed Claymon offers deep expertise and trusted counsel. From serving as general counsel for hospital systems, to managing complex business and real estate transactions, to representing practitioners in front of regulatory agencies, the firm has a wealth of industry knowledge and legal acumen at its disposal. Reed Claymon represents public and private health care entities, including hospitals and health systems, as well as physician practices, clinics, and physicians throughout the state of Texas.

Main Areas of Practice:
Health Law
Business Entities & Transactions
Real Estate
Estate Planning & Probate
Employment Law
Appellate Law

Health Law:
7 members; 4 fee earners based in Austin, Texas
■ Represented hospitals in all transactional aspects of sale or lease to other hospital systems and financing and construction of new hospital facilities
■ Represented communities in the formation of a new hospital district or hospital authority
■ Provide general counsel services, including negotiating/drafting contracts, advising on regulatory, medical staff and other operational matters
■ Drafting/implementing medical staff bylaws
■ Represented health care practitioners before licensing boards
■ Represented public hospitals and governmental entities in acquisition of over 320 nursing facilities for participation in the UPL Supplemental Payment Program, Nursing Facility MPAP, and the Quality Incentive Payment Program
■ Experience in public law issues
Contacts: Kevin Reed/Jennifer Claymon/Trent Krienke/Robert Spurck
Tel: 512 660 5960
Emails: [email protected]/[email protected] com/[email protected]/[email protected]

Business Entities & Transactions:
2 members based in Austin, Texas
■ Represented closely held business entities from creation to eventual exit, including entities’ formation, business transactions, and sale or other disposition
■ Represented business entities in the purchase, sale, and leasing of real estate
Contact: Robert Spurck
Tel: 512 660 5964
Email: [email protected]

3 members based in Austin, Texas
■ Obtained summary judgment for ten hospitalrelated clients in a multi-million dollar credentialing case filed in federal court
■ Tried to complete defense verdict numerous healthcare liability suits involving cardiology, general surgery, orthopedic surgery, neurological surgery, emergency medicine, oncology, obstetrical/ gynecological care and governmental liability issues
■ Tried a non-subscriber suit to a complete defense verdict
■ Tried an emergency ambulance response case to a complete defense verdict
■ Tried a premises liability suit filed against a business owner to a complete defense verdict
■ Obtained summary judgment for a hospital in a claim brought by a prisoner under 42 U.S.C. §1983
■ Represented health care providers through all phases of litigation and investigations
Contact: Janice Byington
Tel: 512 660 5969
Email: [email protected]

2 members based in Austin, Texas
■ Mediated medical staff peer review hearings
■ Represented hospital clients in various aspects of fair hearing and physician credentialing processes
■ Mediated civil litigation disputes
Contact: Robert Hargett
Tel: 512 660 5968
Email: [email protected]

Real Estate Transactions:
1 member based in Austin, Texas
■ Represented healthcare providers and other businesses in the purchase/sale of assets or merger
■ Represented business entities in the purchase, sale, and leasing of real estate
Contact: Pete Meeker
Tel: 512 660 5967
Email: [email protected]

Estate Planning & Probate:
1 member based in Austin, Texas
■ Worked with clients in creation of estate plans and execution of estate planning documents
■ Worked with clients in dealing with issues surrounding the loss of family members, including settling their probate estates
Contact: Pete Meeker
Tel: 512 660 5967
Email: [email protected]

Employment Law:
2 members based in Austin, Texas
■ Provided advice and counsel on state and federal employment statutes and regulations, including: FMLA, Americans with Disabilities Act, Title VII of the Civil Rights Act (discrimination), Age Discrimination in Employment Act, Pregnancy Discrimination Act, Fair Labor Standards Act, COBRA, Texas Commission on Human Rights Act, Texas Unemployment Compensation Act, Texas Payday Act, Texas Workers Compensation Act
■ Represented employers in investigations by the EEOC regarding discrimination claims (age, sex, race, national origin)
■ Represented employers in investigations by the Texas Workforce Commission regarding unemployment compensation claims and pay claims, and by the Department of Labor regarding overtime and minimum wage claims
■ Prepared and reviewed personnel policies and employee handbooks
■ Prepared and reviewed employment contracts and severance agreements
Contact: Jennifer Claymon
Tel: 512 660 5965
Email: [email protected]

Appellate Law:
3 members based in Austin, Texas
■ Significant experience in a wide range of subject areas from medical malpractice, insurance defense, breach of contract, probate, family law, to appeals of administrative agency decisions
■ Participated in multiple oral arguments before various state appellate courts
■ Prevailed on dismissal of health care liability claims in trial and appellate courts
Contact: Emily Davenport
Tel: 512 660 5974
Email: [email protected]