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Managing Partner: Julio Quijano
Number of Partners: 7
Number of lawyers: 12
Languages: English, Spanish

Firm Overview:
Founded in 1959, Quijano & Associates has provided first quality services to an ever growing clientele, covering the incorporation and management of tax-compliant structures, as well as fiduciary services, the registration and representation of vessels under the Panamanian flag, and a wide range of legal advisory services not only in the Republic of Panama, but in the rest of jurisdictions where the firm operates.

Quijano & Associates was the first Panamanian law firm to open an international office, specifically in 1962 in Nyon, Switzerland; and continued expanding its global presence to the British Virgin Islands, Belize and Seychelles. The firm has positioned itself as one of Panama’s most respected law firms by banks and international financial institutions, shipping lines, foreign investors and multinational companies through its headquarters in Panama and international subsidiaries. In addition, it has also expanded its field of activities through its own trust company: Quijano Trust Corporation.

Multinational companies deciding to locate regional operations in Panama, international investment companies wishing to take advantage of the benefits of establishing in our country, and well-known shipping lines, have found in Quijano & Associates a top ranking efficiency, trustworthiness, personalized attention, promptness and confidentiality law firm with more than 60 years of experience. One of the main pillars of the firm is the integrity of its staff. This principle is observed in the context of competence and a first class legal formation, allowing it to professionally and efficiently act, fulfilling the specific needs of each one of the clients. “We transform challenges into Opportunities”.

Main Areas of Practice:

Admiralty and Maritime Law
Quijano & Associates acts on behalf of an important percentage of the Panamanian Merchant Marine Fleet, the largest worldwide, both in tonnage and number of registered vessels. The firm's clientele includes, ship owners, vessel operators, Charterers, shipping agents, financial institutions, insurance companies, underwriters and brokers, while covering all branches of maritime affairs. Quijano & Associates manages disputes related to the maritime sector in Panama and possess a broad knowledge of the regulations and procedures of the maritime courts in Panama.

Banking and Securities
Quijano & Associates is frequently involved in public offers of shares, issuance of bonds, corporate restructuring, financing of projects and acquisition of companies, structuring of loans and guarantees. The firm also offers advice on banking and trust regulations, and on the process for obtaining banking or investment advisers licenses, amongst others.

Commercial | Mergers and Acquisitions
Being pioneers for many decades in law practice, Quijano & Associates has achieved a unique understanding of the business field in Panama and Latin America, and the commercial relationship between the Americas and other countries and markets. Therefore, the firm is in a first class position to advise clients on all types of businesses and investment matters related to Panama. Quijano & Associates has advised high profile clients of the private sector, including multinational companies and multilateral organizations.

Corporate Law
From its foundation, Quijano & Associates has been a leader in this field, being the first Panamanian law firm to open its own offices abroad. Through its present international network of offices and correspondent law firms, along with strategic regional alliances to which the firm is a party to, Quijano & Associates performs the organisation, structuring, management and operations of offshore companies, private interest foundations and other investment vehicles in different jurisdiction all over the globe, especially, but without being limited to Panama, the British Virgin Islands, the State of Delaware, Seychelles, United Kingdom, Hong Kong and New Zealand.

Entertainment Law 
The firm's expertise in entertainment law adds an additional dimension to its practice. Quijano & Associates represents an important number of clients of this industry offering a broad range of services including the representation and negotiation of contracts, up to advice on the financial aspects of the business.

Estate Planning and Trust Services 
The firm's strength in the practice of offshore law covers all areas. Through its affiliate, QUIJANO TRUST CORPORATION, the firm owns a trust license in Panamá, issued by the Superintendence of Banks by means of Resolution No. 002-2006 of 9th March, 2006. Quijano & Associates provides custody and depository agency services. In addition, the firm works closely with its clients with the purpose of creating the most convenient structures for the protection of assets, patrimony management and succession planning, as well as creating guarantee mechanisms for commercial transactions; all with the purpose of providing fiscal efficiency and satisfying their individual requirements.

Government Contracts and Permits
Quijano & Associates has a department exclusively dedicated to advising its clients on the drafting of offers that are required to be submitted at public biddings or private purchases; be these for purchases, for works and services with the purpose of complying with the pertaining rules, requirements and guidelines that must be included in said offers. The firm also advises state or private institutions that require legal support related to said contracting.

Immigration and Labor Law
Quijano & Associates frequently receives requests from individuals or companies requiring assistance in regards to regulations on Panamanian immigration laws pertaining to employment and relocation of executives and retired foreigners. The firm also offers advice to multinational companies interested in establishing their operation seat in Panama. Likewise, Quijano & Associates processes residence permits, tourist and investment visas, and naturalization certificates. The firm's broad experience allows for them to offer the most appropriate response for any immigration matter that may arise.

Intellectual Property
Quijano & Associates is widely recognized for its advice and incisive assistance in this area, relating to the different ways in which clients may register and protect their intellectual property rights and capitalise on said rights through their sale and licensing in Panama and abroad. The firm also offers full advisory information related to the granting of franchises and copyright protection.

Litigation and Arbitration
Quijano & Associates submits all types of civil and commercial suits in Panama, and in regards to foreign jurisdictions, works in collaboration with their correspondents’ attorneys. The firm also always makes efforts to use other methods for resolving civil and commercial suits, such as negotiation, mediation and arbitration, with the objective of resolving the problems as soon as possible and with efficiency in regards to the expenses for their clients. The team has qualified arbitrators, both at the local level by the Center for Conciliation and Arbitration of Panama, and at the international level by the International Centre for Dispute Resolution of Florida.

Real Estate
Quijano & Associates offers legal assistance for the purchase, sale and lease of residential and commercial real estate. The firm offers guidance throughout the negotiation of the agreement terms to be subscribed, management of the transaction and administration documents, investigation of encumbrances that may exist on any property, processing of financing by the bank, up to the conclusion of the transaction. The firm also aids property owners in regards to procedures of zoning and rezoning, evaluation of real estate taxes, management of eviction procedures and resolution of disputes between owners and tenants.

Other: Accounting and Relocation Services


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