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Quijano & Associates has enjoyed a world-class reputation as a preferential law firm in the Panamanian capital market.

Our specialized staff is regularly representing arrangers and issuers in the process of registration of securities with the Superintendence of the Securities Market in Panama or listing in the stock exchange or other organized securities markets.

Our lawyers advise registered issuers and securities intermediaries in respect of compliance with their obligation to reveal reports and other financial information from time to time according to existing legislation and regulations.

Legal Advisory services on capital markets:

We represent banks, financial institutions and companies engaging in finance activities as arrangers or issuers, in the process of arranging and registering various variable income and fixed income instruments, as well as institutions of collective investment in the local and foreign markets, such as:

  • Negotiable commercial securities
  • Corporate bonds
  • Rolling programs
  • Offers of shares for sale
  • Mutual funds
  • Private capital fund
  • Real estate investment companies
  • Private investment companies
  • Real estate investment trusts

Assisting a diverse clientele that includes Investment Funds, Hospitality Services companies, Real Estate companies, Financial Services providers and Food & Beverage companies, our Team has worked in transactios that sum up to $ US 2,867 Million.

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Oliver Muñoz
Oliver Muñoz
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Luis Miguel Rojer A.
Luis Miguel Rojer A.
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