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Naveira, Truffat & Martínez Abogados

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Managing Partners: E. Daniel Truffat and Oscar A. Martínez.
Senior Partners: Gustavo Naveira, Oscar Ferrari, Rafael Mallo, Andrea Bernaldez, Fernanda Soria, Valentín Martínez, Juan Sabia, Felipe Martínez and Dolores Garay
Number of partners: 10
Numbers of other lawyers: 10

NAVEIRA, TRUFFAT, MARTÍNEZ ABOGADOS (NTMA) is one of the most sophisticated and recognised law firms in Argentina since its foundation in 1996. Each of the foundational partners has strong credentials relating to court proceedings. Through the pass of the years, NTMA has established itself as very respected law firm in Argentina, specialised in bankruptcy/restructuring and dispute resolution. The corporate/M&A department has been growing exponentially over the last years. As a consequence of the corporate/M&A department growth, the firm has also developed a solid labour and employment department which works head to head with the corporate department providing the daily advice to the firm’s clients.
Since January 2020, well respected lawyers Oscar P. Ferrari (former foundational partner of Ferrari Abogados) and Rafael Mallo, with extensive experience in complex civil and commercial litigation, have been incorporated as partners in line with the firm’s permanent aspiration for excellence and commitment to clients. Being a medium size law firm, it provides a personal attention to clients, with great involvement from all the partners in the cases handled.

Main Areas of Practice:
Bankruptcy/Restructuring: 40%
Dispute Resolution: 25%
Corporate/M&A: 25%
Labour & Employment: 10%

Headed by both managing partners, Mr. Oscar A. Martínez and E. Daniel Truffat have been working side to side over the last 30 years being recognised in the market and in the judicial courts as two of the most respected Argentinian lawyers in this area. Emerit Partner Gustavo A. Naveira (former Appeals Court Judge) and Fernanda B. Soria are also references in this area to which dedicated their entire carrier since the creation of the firm in 1996. The firm have vastly experience representing debtors and creditors in extrajudicial preventive agreements –APEs- (E. Daniel Truffat have published in 2002 the very first book in Argentina related this subtype of restructuring proceeding), in traditional reorganisation proceedings and in bankruptcy proceedings. Otherwise, the firm has also a lot of experience representing the insolvency trustee appointed both in reorganisation proceedings and in bankruptcy proceedings.

Dispute Resolution:
Headed by E. Daniel Truffat, Oscar A. Martínez, Oscar Ferrari and Rafael Mallo, NTMA has a sophisticated team that is responsible for complex litigation and all types of legal disputes and court proceedings and litigation before the Supreme Court. NTMA also assists its clients in the enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards.

Corporate & M&A:
The firm handles the day to day of several companies listed and not listed. It provides full counselling in the creation, development and liquidation of companies in Argentina finding the best alternative to the clients’ needs. It prepares international structures to comply with local regulations. The firm has participated in numerous M&A involving private acquisitions and listed companies. Labour & Employment: In order to provide a ‘full’ corporate service to its clients, the firm have developed an efficient labour department that give counsel to its corporate clients in labour matters related with the services that they provide.

International Work:

Emeritus partner Gustavo Naveira provides international advising as an expert litigator.

Languages: English, German, Italian, Spanish.

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