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Managing Partner: Paolo Ludovici
Number of partners: 7
Number of lawyers: 30
Languages: English, French, Italian, Spanish

Firm Overview:
L&P — Ludovici Piccone & Partners is an independent Italian tax law firm, providing integrated tax advice both in domestic and international transactions. Established in November 2014, the firm currently includes 30 professionals, and has offices in Milan, Rome, London, Luxembourg and Vienna. The founder, Paolo Ludovici is consistently ranked by the most reputed independent researchers as a leading tax professional. Pietro Piccone, the other brand name partner is a leading tax litigator professional. Other partners are Michele Aprile, Loredana Conidi, Luca Formica, Andrea Iannaccone, and Andrea Prampolini, all professionals with many years of experience in both corporate and private client matters. The firm has a comprehensive tax practice, encompassing all domestic and cross-border tax matters. L&P supports companies and corporate groups with regular and ongoing tax advisory services regarding direct and indirect taxation and it is renowned for its expertise in finance and real estate transactions, as well as wealth advisory services for high-net-worth individuals. Professionals of the firm advice on complex M&A transactions, as well as other significant areas such as transfer pricing, tax litigation and VAT. The firm’s clients are prominent corporations and financial institutions — including several listed companies — and high-net-worth individuals in Italy and abroad.

Main Areas of Practice:
Corporate & Group Taxation
M&A & Business Restructuring
Transfer Pricing
International & EU Tax
Taxation of Financial Instruments & Financial Transactions
Taxation of Real Estate
Tax Litigation
High Net Wealth Individuals, Trusts & Foundations
Taxation of Individuals
Stock Options & Incentive Plans
VAT, Customs & Excise Duties

Corporate & Group Taxation:
Advice on corporate tax and group tax issues, including matters specific to IAS/IFRS adopters and banking, financial and insurance institutions. Assistance on special tax regimes, including those relating to intellectual property and cooperative compliance programs.

M&A & Business Restructuring:
Advice on the tax ramifications of domestic and crossborder group reorganisations, LBOs and MBOs, transfer of intellectual property and company migrations. Assistance in determining the optimum structure for international transactions. Tax due-diligence, negotiations and drafting of contract terms on tax matters as well as dealing with tax authorities in obtaining tax rulings.

Transfer Pricing:
Advice to multi-national enterprises on the selection of the transfer pricing methodology, the drafting of transfer pricing documentation and the negotiation of advance pricing agreements with the relevant tax authorities, both in Italy and abroad. Assistance on tax optimisation of supply chain models. Assistance on litigation and mutual agreement procedures for the elimination of international double taxation.

International & EU Tax:
Advice on tax issues concerning international and EU law, particularly with regard to the application the double tax treaties, cross-border restructuring and income flows and OCSE Action Plan on BEPS. Assistance on the application of European tax Directives. Assistance before the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights.

Taxation of Financial Instruments & Financial Transactions:
Advice on the tax ramifications of equity and capital market, structured finance, financing and securitisation transactions. Assistance to financial institutions and investment funds on the tax treatment of investments, asset management services and financial instruments.

Taxation of Real Estate:
Advice on the tax ramifications of residential and commercial real estate transactions and renewable energy businesses. Assistance to real estate funds and other institutional investors, as well as private and corporate clients, in structuring and reorganising real estate investments both in Italy and abroad.

Tax Litigation:
Legal assistance and advice to taxpayers in refund procedures, tax audits and investigations including extrajudicial tax disputes resolution. Legal assistance and expert advice on tax and penal matters including tax litigation procedures before tax authorities, provincial and regional tax courts, higher courts (i.e. Court of Cassation, Council of State, Constitutional Court) and international courts (i.e. European Court of Justice, European Court of Human Rights).

High Net Wealth Individuals, Trusts & Foundations:
Advice to high net wealth individuals on estate and succession planning, transfer of businesses, lifetime transfers, asset governance. Assistance to trusts and foundations as well as to charities and other non-profit entities.

Taxation of Individuals:
Advice on transfers of tax residence from or to Italy. Assistance on the tax ramifications of the acquisition of residential property and other investments in Italy and abroad, including art work, aircraft and vessels.

Stock Options & Incentive Plans:
Advice on the taxation of compensation packages for executives, including variable remuneration, fringe benefits and welfare benefits. Assistance on the taxation of expatriates, including the tax implications of incentive plans, stock based compensation, carried interest and co-investment structures.

VAT, Customs & Excise Duties:
Advice on VAT issues in relation to both domestic and cross-border transactions, including real estate, financial transactions and supply chain restructuring. Assistance in dealing with customs and excise duties and transfer pricing.

Key Clients:
The firm’s clients include prominent corporations and financial institutions — including several listed companies — and high net worth individuals in Italy and abroad. The firm maintains privileged relationships with top tier Italian and international legal and tax firms and regularly liaises with foreign and Italian non-tax professionals.


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