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Alternative Legal Service Providers 2022
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Alternative Legal Service Providers


Provided by Legal Army
Alternative Legal Service Providers

CEO and Founder: Natalia Martos

Number of lawyers: 12+

Number of other ALSP employees: 10+

Languages: Spanish, English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese.

Firm Overview & History:

After more than 12 years as a In house General Counsel in big corporations and innovative digital companies, Legal Army's CEO and founder, Natalia Martos, realised that there was no legal offer in the traditional firms that was adequate to give legal coverage to the digital businesses and technology that these companies were developing.

After her time at Singularity University (Silicon Valley) in 2016, she analysed how exponential technologies were changing all the traditional business models, including legal services. She discovered the ALSP models in the USA, UK and Australia, which were rapidly expanding internationally, and she decided to import the model into the Spanish-speaking market. Natalia practiced Law in two renowned traditional top tier law firms as Partner, where she created and led the practice of technology law, innovation and privacy until she founded Legal Army in May 2018.

Legal Army is an Alternative Legal Services Provider (ALSP). Legal Army provides legal services in a better by reducing its cost by up to 80%, adapting to a new client who is much more demanding and focused on developing their business with maximum legal security without paying the tolls of structures and processes of another era. Legal Army's corporate organisation seeks the welfare of lawyers and the satisfaction of clients, attracting the best legal talent.

The firm uses the best technology to automate works that do not require legal qualification reducing your costs drastically without losing an apex of excellence.

Now, more than ever, it is time for alternative legal service providers (ALSPs). Legal Army is adapted to a new client who is much more demanding and focused on developing their business with maximum legal security without paying the costs of structures and processes of another era.

After COVID19, we are living a new reality where the budgets of legal departments have been dramatically reduced but they still need excellence which demands agile, customer-focused, international and ubiquitous advice from the law firms. Legal Army is an ALSP for the new normal which has imposed the digitalisation, fair prices and effective legal solutions for 21st century businesses. Legal Army has a significant technology, strong project management, and sound people management capabilities that provides enterprise level service and working collaboratively with legal departments and law firms, getting work gets done in a more efficient manner.

Main Areas of Practice:

Legal Army has the following practice areas:

  • Technology Law
  • Privacy
  • Digital Business
  • Intellectual and Industrial Property
  • Business Law
  • Cybersecurity

Legal Army's Lawyers are specialist in data, technology, innovation and digital business. Legal Army's clients are innovative companies whose legal departments need specialised support to relieve themselves from their massive workload or companies without a legal department who prefer to outsource legal services.

Legal Army offers 6 different legal products:

  1. Technological and commercial contracting.
  2. Privacy and Cybersecurity.
  3. Intellectual property.
  4. DPO as a Service.
  5. Digital Regulation and Innovation.
  6. Legal Design.

Law Firm LPO & Managed Services:

Legal Army provides contract management and document review services to major clients across the world, notably those in the IT services, financial services and life sciences sectors. Its team, based in its offices in Spain, are experienced in assisting clients with a broad scope of commercial matters, with a deep expertise in privacy and data security, compliance, Intellectual Property, technology law and contracting issues.

International Work:

Legal Army provides counseling in contract management and document review and acts as Data Protection Officer to major clients across the US, Canada, Europe, Latin America and the Asia-Pacific region, notably focused in digital business, technology services, financial, life-sciences and artificial intelligence.

Practice Areas & Offices:

Hotels & Leisure


Advertising & Adtech

E-health, Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology

Technological Development

Logistics & Transport

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

E-commerce, Consumer & Marketplaces

Robotics & Artificial Intelligence

Data & Analytics


Banking & Fintech

Associations, Foundations & NGOs

Audiovisual, Media & Entertainment

Software, Blockchain & Cybersecurity

Art, Authors & Publishers

Automotive, Mobility & Smart Cities


Legal Army is physically located in Madrid (Spain) but it is working worldwide for any jurisdiction of the world with a substantial part of lawyers and employees working remotely.

Madrid Office:

Calle Princesa, 31 5ª 1A

28008 Madrid (Spain)

Contact Info:

Natalia Martos

Email: [email protected]

Tel: +34 900 264 194

Mobile: +34 637401799

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Spain - Head office

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