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Managing Partner: Luis Gerardo Del Valle Torres
Number of partners: 14
Number of other lawyers: 39

Firm Overview:
Jáuregui y Del Valle (‘JDV’) is an independent fullservice law firm specialised in domestic and inter- national business transactions. Founded in Mexico in 1975, the firm is widely recognised as a leader in Latin America. With over 50 dedicated lawyers, most of them with international exposure the firm strives to provide innovative and practical solutions with a business perspective. Jáuregui y Del Valle is active and has experience in every business sector and in all practice areas of law. Its deep knowledge and understanding of how to do business in Mexico and the highest ethical standards in the market are part of the core differentiators that makes companies consider the firm as part of its stakeholders.

Main Areas of Practice:

M&A & Joint Ventures:
JDV handles acquisitions, divestitures, stock and asset purchases. The firm represents clients in numerous transactions, such as the acquisition of the largest insurance state-owned company, then called Aseguradora Hidalgo, now MetLife and the acquisition of the ING Afore, Pension Funds and Investment Funds by Sura.

JDV has a substantial practice in tax consulting, both federal and local, and ample expertise in transfer price studies and tax refunds. The tax practice area is composed of professionals highly specialised in cross-border and domestic transactions. JDV provided efficient tax structures to Fibra Terrafina and to following CKDs: Prudential, Finsa I, Finsa II, Planigrupo, Walton I, Walton II and Prologis.

Tax & Administrative Litigation:
The firm holds a solid tax and administrative litigation practice that constantly defends the rights of clients against acts of tax authorities and government agencies that may affect the taxpayers’ interests, with an extraordinary rate of success. JDV has obtained the annulment of multimillion tax assessments, fines and interests in courts and the revocation of administrative resolutions terminating concessions or governmental contracts, for clients such as Telefonica Mexico (Movistar) and Toyota de Mexico.

Banking & Finance:
JDV has ample expertise in banking and finance with relevant secured and syndicated loan transactions, securitisations, structured finance, project finance, leasing and asset-based finance and guaranties, as well as a wide variety of regulatory and corporate matters of regulated financial institutions.

JDV provides extensive legal advice regarding exploration and production, oil and gas importation and exportation, distribution of fuels and all aspects of electricity generation, both renewable and clean. Also, this area has a legal practice specialized in mining, including the application and renewal of mining concessions and permits. Our experience covers negotiation and conclusion of supply and financing contracts for mining projects. JDV advised Pemex in sundry transactions and Gran Tierra Energy, Tullow Mexico and Geopark Limited in the three Phases of Ronda Uno.

The environmental practice area of JDV provides substantial support to clients in all kinds of mergers and acquisitions, corporate transactions, energy matters including clean and renewable energy, financings, right away issues and environmental compliance. Some of the prominent clients of JDV in the environmental area are Grupo Unilever, Grupo Metal Intra, WGP Waste Generated Power and Venable.

Real Estate:
JDV participates as a leader in all kinds of real estate transactions and projects, including financings, equity investments, joint ventures, fund formation and projects for private investment funds, such as AIG Clarion and real estate developments of Finsa, Torre Mayor and St. Regis Hotel.

Securities & Structured Financing:
The firm renders integral legal services to brokerage firms, investors, lenders and issuers, including equity securities, offerings, takeovers and securitizations to Unefon, GMAC, Fonacot, Cigarrera la Moderna, the Government of the State of Mexico and Maquarie Bank.

Project Finance & Infrastructure:
JDV handles a wide range of infrastructure projects, Public Private Partnerships, toll roads, international bridges, water treatment plants, pipelines, ports, electric grid and satellites to Grupo Marhnos and SSA Mexico.

Insurance & Reinsurance:
The firm has solid insurance and reinsurance practice encompassing a wide range of regulatory, organizational, operational and transactional matters product development and all kinds of arbitration and litigation, such as those rendered to MetLife, Great American Insurance Group and to the membership of Insuralex.

Litigation & Arbitration:
JDV successfully handles cases in all kinds of court litigation and arbitration, as well as relevant bankruptcy, business and civil litigation in different sectors. Some of the most prominent clients in this area are Grupo Alden, Colgate-Palmolive and MetLife.

Intellectual Property:
JDV has a leading intellectual property practice in Trademarks, Copyright, patents and plant varieties, since filing and prosecution until complex litigation thereof. Anti-counterfeiting is one of the strongest areas of IP in JDV, we currently represent some of the most relevant companies on different sectors as such as: pharmaceutical, toners, technology, sport brands, spirits, cellphones, luxury and clothing.

The firm provides legal advice in a wide variety of labour matters, representing employers, collective bargaining, individual and collective litigation, social security issues, employee profit sharing, individual labour agreements and outsourcing structures to the Quiksilver, Casa de Bolsa Finamex, Philip Morris, Granportuaria, Timex and Walton Street Capital.

International Trade:
JDV provides relevant legal advice to manufacturers, exporters and importers, trading companies, antidumping and countervailing measures, rules of origin, quotas, non-tariff barriers, tariff classifications, tax-free zones, special development zones, customs matters and customs transfer price to clients such as Senders Farms, Bayer Corporation, Mount Vernon Mills, American Standard and Schwab.

JDV renders integral legal services in antitrust and competition regulatory matters in all kinds of transactions, litigation, compliance, immunity programs and trainings of personnel. Clients of Competition and Antitrust area of JDV include Colgate-Palmolive, General Motors de Mexico and Miller Brewing Company.

Criminal Law:
The JDV’s Criminal Law practice area has a clear corporate focus, providing legal services mainly to the business sector and also to individuals who seek excellence and ethics in the practice of criminal law. To date the firm has participated in some of the most relevant Criminal Litigation matters in Mexico, and it has advised multiple national and foreign entities.


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