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Managing Partner: Gabriel Ibarra Pardo
Number of other lawyers: 8

International Trade:
Gabriel Ibarra
Antitrust: Alejandro Ibarra
Unfair Competition Litigation: Ana Lucia Parra
Customs: Adriana Cortés

Firm Overview:

With more than 25 years of experience, and led by Gabriel Ibarra Pardo, the firm is composed of an expert team of lawyers specialising in international trade, competition law and customs. Ibarra Abogados is recognised as one of the leading firms in antidumping, countervailing, and safeguards applications, antitrust investigations, merger control, unfair competition and customs matters. The firm provides legal counsel to the private and public sectors, both in national and international matters. Additionally, Ibarra Abogados advises its clients in consumer protection law, WTO, Tradelaw and Bilateral Treaties.

Main Areas of Practice:

International Trade:
The firm’s international trade practice is pioneer in trade remedies since the emergence of the antidumping and safeguards legislation in Colombia. Therefore, the firm possesses extensive and successful experience representing different industries, including ethanol, metal mechanic, aluminum, OCTG, petrochemical, textile and footwear, agricultural, and agricultural tools industries, among others, within antidumping and safeguards investigations. Ibarra Abogados represented the interests of Colombian ethanol producers in the first countervailing duty investigation carried out in Colombia. For the first time in Colombian history, the Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Tourism imposed definitive countervailing duties against imports of ethanol from the United States of America, through Resolution 069 of April 30, 2020. The firm also provides counsel to both private and public sectors concerning the negotiation and application of regional and bilateral economic integration agreements, including the Andean Community, the Pacific Alliance, the Central American Common Market and several bilateral agreements.

Competition Law:
The competition law practice of Ibarra Abogados has represented the interests of a wide range of companies within antitrust investigations, unfair competition litigation and merger control proceedings. The firm provides legal counsel both for proceedings before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce and for litigation of competition law matters before Colombian tribunals. Among recent antitrust investigations, the firm has represented the interests of companies and individuals in the leading cases in Colombia regarding sugar, biodiesel, bioethanol, energy and gas, airport concessionaries, 4G road networks and cement industries. The Firm represented the interests of Vinci Concessions and VIA 40 Express in the award of an infrastructure project where the Superintendence declared through Resolution 28751 of June 6th, 2020 that the investigated companies and individuals are not responsible for the charges brought against them. Ibarra Abogados has also represented several companies in proceedings of merger control before the Superintendence of Industry and Commerce.

The firm has extensive expertise regarding proceedings before the Colombian Customs Authority (DIAN for its acronym in Spanish) and litigation on customs issues before Colombian courts. On this matter, Ibarra Abogados provides legal counsel regarding customs classification issues, origin recognition and certificates, customs valuation, among others.

International Work:
The firm is active on a regional level as it provides counsel to both the private and public sectors of different countries of Latin-America with regards to international trade, competition law, and customs matters. It has advised associations and non-profit organisations concerning regulatory issues and counselled foreign corporations within proceedings before administrative authorities and tribunals in Colombia and in other countries in the region. For instance, the international trade practice provided its services to the Costa Rican sugar industry within an antidumping investigation to Brazilian sugar imports.

The firm’s clients are major national and foreign multinational companies covering a wide array of industries, such as retail, telecommunications and cable operators, pharmaceutical, steel and metal mechanic, paper, cement, aluminum, petrochemical, textile and footwear, agro-industrial, fertilisers, agricultural tools and energy sectors, among others.