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Heads of Chambers: PJ Kirby QC & Paul Reed QC
Chief Executive: Amanda Illing
Tenants: 87

THE CHAMBERS Hardwicke specialises in commercial dispute resolution, construction, insolvency and restructuring, insurance, personal injury and clinical negligence, private client, professional liability and property. It is one of the most innovative and modern sets at the Bar. Known for its friendly atmosphere and progressive outlook, it is run as a commercial business with a strong focus on client service. Its business culture is reinforced by an active CSR and equality and diversity programme.


Commercial Dispute Resolution: Hardwicke has a strong commercial litigation and arbitration team who also offer specialist expertise in banking and finance; companies, joint ventures and partnerships; executive and employment disputes; franchising; intellectual property and private international law. Michael Wheater and Charles Raffin are the authors of the market leading text: Edisclosure – Law & Practice.

Construction & Engineering: Hardwicke is a leading construction set whose members deal in both construction litigation and arbitration; construction insolvency; energy and renewables; the professional negligence of construction professionals and property damage. Under the editorship of Paul Reed QC, the team has produced two leading texts: Construction All Risks Insurance and Construction Professional Indemnity Insurance.

Insolvency & Restructuring: The team specialise in corporate and personal insolvency; construction and property insolvency; directors’ disqualification as well as civil fraud and asset tracing. Insurance: Hardwicke covers construction and professional indemnity insurance as well as general coverage disputes.

Personal Injury & Clinical Negligence: Specialist expertise in disease, fraud, inquests, inquiries and product liability.

Private Client: The team handle contentious probate and Inheritance Act cases as well as those involving the Court of Protection and trusts including TOLATA, community care, social welfare and benefits.

Professional Liability: Hardwicke is a leading set handling professional negligence claims across the construction and property, financial, insolvency, insurance and legal sectors.

Property: Hardwicke is a premier property set handling commercial landlord and tenant; development; housing (social and privately rented); leasehold and leasehold management, real property and mortgages as well as TOLATA claims.


Tim Stow QC (1965) (QC-1989)

Nigel Jones QC (1976) (QC-1999) +

Greg Laughton SC (1982) (SC-2003)

Lesley Anderson QC (1989) (QC-2006)

Paul Reed QC (1988) (QC-2010) A

Brie Stevens-Hoare QC (1986) (QC-2013)

P J Kirby QC (1989) (QC-2013) A

John de Waal QC (1992) (QC-2013)

Charles Bagot QC (1997) (QC-2018) A

John Gallagher (1974) +

Stephen Lennard (1976) + A

Graham Cunningham (1976)

Wendy Parker (1978) A

Richard Buswell (1985)

Karl King (1985) + A

Monty Palfrey (1985)

Mark Engelman (1987) A

Steven Woolf (1989) A

Sara Benbow (1990) A

Daniel Gatty (1990) A

Amanda Eilledge (1991)

Gordon Exall (1991)

Rupert Higgins (1991) A

Arthur Moore (1992)

Colm Nugent (1992)

Andrew Skelly (1994) A

John Clargo (1994)

Alexander Bastin (1995) A

David Pliener (1996) A

Edward Rowntree (1996) A

David Lewis (1997) A

Ian Silcock (1997) A

Alaric Watson (1997)

Alison Meacher (1998) A

Alastair Redpath-Stevens (1998)

Peter Petts (1998)

Mark Stephens (1998)

Henry Slack (1999)

James Hall (2000)

Shazia Akhtar (2001) A

Stephen Brown (2013) (2001 rights of Audience)

Sarah McCann (2001) A

Jonathan Titmuss (2001)

Robin Dunne (2002)

Jasmine Murphy (2002)

Sarah Clarke (2003)

Michael Wheater (2003)

Jamal Demachkie (2004)

Morayo Fagborun Bennett (2004) A

Matthew Hodson (2004)

Andy Creer (2005)

Charles Raffin (2005)

Simon Allison (2005) A

Paul Strelitz (2005) A

Thomas Bell (2006)

Carl Brewin (2006)

Dr Robert Whittock (2006)

Laura Tweedy (2007) A

Helena White (2007)

Charlotte John (2008)

Catherine Piercy (2007)

Gemma Witherington (2008)

Phillip Patterson (2008)

Emily Betts (2009)

Ebony Alleyne (2009)

Frederico Singarajah (2009)

Lina Mattsson (2010)

Laurence Page (2010)

Clare Anslow (2011)

Martyn Griffiths (2011)

Aileen McErlean (2011)

John Beresford (2012)

Sri Carmichael (2012) A

Jack Dillon (2012) A

Simon Kerry (2012)

Katie Lee (2012)

Michael Tetstall (2012)

Rebecca Greenstreet (2013)

Emma Hynes (2013)

Aneurin Moloney (2013)

Rajiv Bhatt (2014)

Katrina Hanstock (2014)

Ryan Hocking (2014)

Helena Drage (2015)

Michael Levenstein (2015)

Cameron Stocks (2015)

Louis Zvesper (2015)

+ Recorder

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