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Chairman: Roland Rudd
CEO, North America: Paul Holmes
Number of employees: 294
Languages: 32

Overview & History:
Finsbury is a global leader in strategic communications, serving as a trusted advisor to boards of directors, senior executives and legal counsel at many of the world’s most successful companies, institutions and organisations.

Finsbury has managed some of the most complex communication challenges across borders and markets within the last three decades, with expertise in supporting companies’ responses to emerging issues, crisis situations, major litigation and periods of intense scrutiny. With 14 offices supported by teams that include former journalists, lawyers, bankers and corporate communications executives, Finsbury delivers counsel and support on interactions with the media, financial markets, employees, customers, governments and other vital stakeholders.

Finsbury entered a strategic partnership with Hering Schuppener Consulting in 2016 and with Glover Park Group in 2017 to offer a global platform that provides unrivaled advice and execution in major centers of business, finance and policymaking. Since 2018, Image Sept, Fogel & Partners and LLYC — leading communications consultancies in France, Scandinavia, and Spanish-and Portuguese-speaking countries, respectively — have become associate partners.

Finsbury offers insights and support in the following core practice areas:
■ Crisis & Issues Management
■ Capital Markets & Transactions
■ Corporate & Leadership Positioning
■ Employee & Change Communications
■ Corporate & Public Affairs

Finsbury’s Crisis & Issues Management practice counsels clients on a wide range of special situations and legal matters, including:

Compliance & Litigation Communications:
Finsbury has extensive experience managing high-stakes legal and enforcement actions, with consideration given not only to the courtroom, but also to the court of public opinion. Finsbury works closely with clients’ senior leadership, communications professionals and in-house and outside legal teams to inform, coordinate and integrate communications strategies that help mitigate future risk and support their litigation and business goals, including in:
■ Foreign Corrupt Practices and RICO
■ Whistleblower cases
■ Product liability and class action suits
■ White collar defense
■ Corporate governance disputes
■ Government/regulatory investigations
■ Securities and financial-related litigation
■ Bankruptcy
■ Cross-border litigation
■ False advertising
■ IP/patent/trade secret cases
■ Bet-the-company litigation
■ Environmental litigation
■ Defamation and libel suits
■ Discrimination and harassment suits
■ Employee and labor issues
■ Monitorships

Crisis Management:
Finsbury is a leader in managing the complex and fast-breaking issues and intense scrutiny that arise in times of crisis. Working closely with legal counsel, management, boards and in-house communications teams, Finsbury develops strategic communications plans to stabilize critical relationships and shape stakeholder opinions. Finsbury also provides ‘on the ground’ support — including monitoring developments in real time and proactively communicating or responding as quickly and aggressively as appropriate.
Areas of expertise include:
■ Cybersecurity and data privacy issues
■ Corporate and other leadership issues
■ Environmental issues
■ Safety issues
■ Corporate restructurings
■ Financial crises
■ Product and recall issues
■ Labour and employment issues
■ Labor and employment

Crisis Preparation:
Finsbury’s crisis preparation curriculum helps clients avoid or mitigate a potential crisis by learning and exercising the skills they will need before a serious issue arises. The curriculum — tailored to each client’s unique needs and corporate culture — encourages teamwork and analytical thinking while ensuring clients have best-in-class systems and processes in place to respond quickly, accurately and appropriately to emerging issues, wherever and whenever they may occur.
Core components include:
■ Research and audit
■ Risk assessment, scenario development and message development
■ Response and escalation protocol
■ Crisis manual development
■ Crisis training and simulation
■ Media training

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