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Ehrlich Group

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Founder & Managing Director: Dr Gal Ehrlich
Number of practitioners: 42
Number of lawyers: 7
Languages: English, French, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, Dutch

Firm Overview:
Ehrlich Group is unique in its ability to offer first class expertise in all matters concerning the protection, prosecution and litigation of intellectual property, which includes advice from a team of more than 50 jurists and renowned industry experts with extensive technical knowledge, many of whom have advanced academic degrees. The firm constantly learns and trains to keep abreast of new tactics, international issues and technological and research developments that emerge daily in all disciplines of high-tech. The diverse and in-depth expertise provided by the firm makes its group the top choice for both Israeli and international clients, evidenced by its global reputation and proven track record in the filing, drafting and prosecuting of patents across the globe, with an emphasis on the US and Israel. The firm’s significant involvement in the international scene includes providing services not only in Israel, but also in the US before the USPTO, and works with major international corporations and alongside foreign colleagues, mostly first-tier IP firms from Germany, the UK, Korea, India, Spain, Portugal, Italy and China, among others.

Ehrlich Group’s multi-disciplinary experience in numerous countries is unparalleled in Israel, as it includes activity in various technological fields and jurisdictions, as well as experience in services relating to patents, trademarks, design, due diligence, trade secrets, plant breeder’s rights, copyrights, anti-counterfeiting, open source, regulatory and compliance, and patent term extension, among others. The firm has established relationships in patent offices throughout the world that allows it to meet all of the clients’ needs, no matter where they exist.

In addition, one of the firm’s most unique attributes is the synergy within the Ehrlich Group. This allows the firm to provide the most comprehensive representation that includes the cross-border litigation experience of Ehrlich, Neubauer & Melzer (EN&M) and the industry expertise of IP trade, in addition to the expertise of the patent attorneys of Ehrlich & Fenster. The firm has a diverse and impressive client roster that includes multinational global corporations, world-renowned universities, medical and research institutions, as well as a variety of startup companies. Among others, the firm works with IBM, Huawei, Samsung, Monsanto, Harman, world-renowned universities such as the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology through its Research & Development Foundation, and Yissum at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and Yeda Research and Development at the Weizmann Institute of Science. The firm also represents joint ventures formed by international and Israeli major players, top researchers, developers and inventors in Israel and abroad, some of whom are Nobel Prize and Wolf Prize laureates. It also works with other patent attorneys from Europe and the Far East who use the firm’s services for National Stage filing and prosecution in Israel and extensively in the US.