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Duran & Osorio, Abogados Asociados

Current View:

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Managing Partners: Álvaro Mauricio Durán, Jorge Gabriel Taboada
Senior Partners: Gustavo Osorio, Carlos Andrés Sánchez, Álvaro Gasca
Number of lawyers: 25

Firm Overview:
Durán & Osorio Abogados Asociados was founded in Bogotá DC, in 1995. Since then, the firm’s legal practice has been focused on assisting clients in identifying legally, socially and economically efficient solutions to complex problems. The firm’s work aims to surpass more classical notions of legal assistance by integrating into its services better cooperation between the legal, technical and financial aspects of every project. This allows the firm to deliver comprehensive, viable and efficient solutions to its clients.

Main Areas of Practice:

The firm has been in charge of the legal structuring of the most important infrastructure projects in Colombia. Among other projects, the firm was responsible for the drafting of a standardised PPP contract for the fourth generation (4G) concession — including the legal structuring of a large number of its projects — and the structuring of Bogotá’s first Metro Line, two of the biggest investment programs in infrastructure in Colombian history. Additionally, Durán & Osorio has been involved in the structuring of the most important airport infrastructure projects in Colombia, such as the El Dorado Airport concession.

The legal support offered by the law firm includes master planning and structuring the transaction itself — whether for public or private initiatives — as well as advising clients during the project’s execution until it is handed back over to the public party. The firm has acquired extensive experience in structuring PPP projects in relevant markets such as transportation, roads, social infrastructure, airports, railways and water and sanitation.

The firm’s profound knowledge of the market dynamics and finance fundamentals of infrastructure projects underpins a meticulous legal analysis valuable for its clients. This particular approach has positioned Durán & Osorio Abogados Asociados as one of the leading firms in the Colombian market.

Currently, the firm gives legal advices in the structuring of a PPP scheme for the Chiriguana – La Dorada and Santo Domingo – Puerto Berrío railway systems and the structuring of the strategic public transport system (SETP) for the municipality of Manizales, among others.

Durán & Osorio is considered one of the leading advisors on telecommunications, media and technology. The firm’s experience extends over the last 20 years, since the beginning of the market liberalisation of TMT networks and services in Colombia, until the recent introduction to internet based services. Moreover, the firm has consolidated its image as a law firm that combines both legal and regulatory awareness, all while demonstrating a deep understanding of the technical idiosyncrasies and financial requirements of the industry.

Among many other cases, Durán & Osorio had the mandate to structure and execute merger process between Colombia Telecomunicaciones and Movistar, which is possibly the biggest merger in Colombian history. During the 2019-2020 period, the firm advised the Colombian ICT Ministry in the structuring and procuring of the new registry operator contract for the Colombian top level domain .co, as well as in the current concession contract extension negotiation, the IANA .co transfer request and the auction of IMT radio spectrum in the 700, 1900 and 2500 MHz frequency bands.

Energy & Extractive Industries:
The firm is widely recognised for its advice in oil projects (upstream and downstream), as well as for its counsel on the legal dynamics of activities undertaken in the energy and mining sectors. Some of the more significant energy projects overseen include advising on the acquisition of the hydroelectric power plant of Caldas and the energy corporation of Quindío, where the law firm acted as legal counsel to Empresas Públicas de Medellín. The firm also provided advice to ISA in the acquisition of Transelca and to Isagen in the acquisition of equity in the hydroelectric plant in Guavio. Additionally, the firm consistently assists Ecopetrol on a wide range of legal matters, such as developing a scheme that allowed the company the simultaneous production of coal and gas in certain places where Ecopetrol has mining production rights.

Water & Sanitation:
The firm has pioneered the development of different water and sanitation projects in Colombia, as well as the structuring of the regulatory framework applicable to public utilities such as water, sewage and sanitation. Durán & Osorio has participated in the development of modern and successful schemes for the provision of public services, integrating legal and financial structures, in the implementation of modern and successful schemes for public utilities infrastructure. Among the most relevant projects currently underway, are the structuring of a PPP for the water supply and sewage system of Santa Marta, and another for the construction, operation and maintenance of Canoas wastewater treatment plant. Additionally, the firm has advised the Empresa de Acueducto y Alcantarillado de Bogotá in the design and implementation of the transition scheme for the water treatment plant of Tibitoc.

Public Law:
Durán & Osorio is regarded as a trusted advisor in several areas of public law, including public procurement, public finance, regulation and punitive procedures. The public law practice works along other areas of the firm, providing to clients highly specialised advice in their relations with the Colombian public organisations and in procedures before these entities. The firm’s advice on public tendering processes and on setting up businesses in regulated markets is widely recognised. The firm also advises public organisations such as the National Infrastructure Agency (ANI), the National Planning Department (DNP), the National Development Bank (FDN) and the National Geological Survey (SGC) on all matters related to their applicable legal framework, including public contracting, tenders and auctions, internal regulations, audit and control.

Dispute Resolution:
The firm advises national and foreign clients in relevant legal procedures, looking for the maxi- mum satisfaction of the client’s claims, using alternative dispute resolution methods when possible. Litigation before local arbitration panels is one of the firm’s strengths.

Banking & Finance:
The firm has a sound knowledge of financial markets and its regulations, delivering effective, innovative and cost-efficient solutions in debt and equity related transactions tailored to each client’s needs. Some of the most relevant advisories include Ecopetrol’s transformation to a corporation and launch of its IPO in Colombia and the United States, and providing legal support in a fairness opinion made to Isagen’s valuation. Moreover, the firm devised a unique long-term public debt instrument as a part of the payment mechanism (TPEs) for the Bogotá’s first Metro Line project, that entail the largest public debt note emission in Colombia’s financial market history. At the moment, the firm is developing a similar instrument for La Dorada – Chiriguaná project.