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Deans Court Chambers

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Head of Chambers: Michael Hayton QC
Senior Clerk: Matthew Gibbons
Tenants: 98


Civil Litigation:
Personal injury (including spinal injuries, head injuries); class actions; industrial disease; fraudulent claims; road traffic and factory accidents; professional negligence; insurance, including coverage litigation, Road Traffic Act and Motor Insurers’ Bureau; contractual disputes; sale of goods; consumer credit (including credit hire); product liability; arbitration (domestic and international); technology and construction; human rights and false imprisonment.

Chancery & Commercial: Commercial arbitration; banking; carriage of goods; civil fraud and tracing of assets; corporate and personal insolvency; company law (including shareholders’ disputes and the protection of minority interest, directors’ duties and disqualification); credit and leasing; financial services; injunctions and equitable remedies; insurance and reinsurance; IP; landlord and tenant; mortgages; partnerships; pensions; probate; real property; sale of goods (domestic and international); trusts, settlements and wills.

Family: Financial remedies on divorce and dissolution of civil partnership (complex company structures, trust arrangements, pre post-nuptial agreements, offshore assets, freezing injunctions); cohabitation (agreements, ToLATA and Schedule 1 provision for children); and family provision under the Inheritance Act 1976. Children work is a specialism: members represent local authorities, parents, interveners and children in care and adoption cases (including death or serious injury to a child, a parent killed by the other, fabricated and induced illness and intergenerational sexual abuse); difficult residence and contact disputes; international movement and abduction of children; and surrogacy.

Court of Protection & Community Care Law: Cases involve unlawful removal of adults from their home; deprivation of liberty; judicial review of decisions regarding provision of services; the use of the inherent jurisdiction for vulnerable adults; the conflicting roles of the Court of Protection and the Mental Health Act 1983; welfare decisions on capacity, property and affairs decisions (including financial abuse and ratification of gifts).

Criminal: Prosecution and defence in all fields at every level including homicide and sexual offences; commercial fraud; conspiracy; drug importation and supply; excise and revenue offences; and health and safety.

Professional Disciplinary, Business Crime & Regulatory: Regulation compliance; advocacy services in criminal prosecutions under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and other legislation; inquests; licensing; trademark and copyright; rail and transport; corporate manslaughter; trading standards; food safety; environmental prosecutions; and DEFRA prosecutions. Specialist knowledge of law and procedure in tribunals, present cases for various regulatory bodies (including the GMC) while defending practitioners for the medical defence organisations; appointed to the Medical Defence Union and medical protection society panels.


Tim Horlock (1981) (QC-1997)

Stephen Grime QC (1970) (QC-1987)

Stuart Denney QC (1982) (QC-2008)

Susan Grocott QC (1986) (QC-2008)

Mary O’Rourke QC (1981) (QC-2009)

Paul Ozin QC (1987) (QC 2016)

Lewis Power QC (1990) (QC-2011)

Fiona Horlick QC (1992) (QC-2019)

Michael Hayton QC (1993) (QC-2013)*

Julia Cheetham QC (1990) (QC-2015)

Peter Atherton (1975)

David Eccles (1976) MA (Cantab)

Timothy Ryder (1977)

Nicholas Fewtrell (1977)

Ruth Trippier (1978)

Hugh Davies (1982)

Timothy Trotman (1983)

Russell Davies (1983)

Glenn Campbell (1985)

Paul Humphries (1986)

Karen Brody (1986)

Christopher Hudson (1987)

Heather Hobson (1987)

Nicholas Grimshaw (1988)

Bansa Singh Hayer (1988)

Ciaran Rankin (1988)

Peter Smith (1988)

Jonathan Grace (1989)

Robin Kitching (1989) A

Michael Smith (1989) MA, BCL

Michael Blakey (1989)

Janet Ironfield (1992)

Timothy Edge (1992)

A Fraser Livesey (1992)

Lisa Judge (1993)

A Peter Horgan (1993)

Rosalind Scott Bell (1993)

Sebastian Clegg (1994)

Peter Rothery (1994)

Kate Akerman (1994)

Carolyn Bland (1995)

Iain Simkin (1995)

Jacob Dyer (1995)

David Boyle (1996)

Simon McCann (1996)

Adam Lodge (1996)

Elizabeth Dudley-Jones (1997)

Sophie Cartwright (1998)

Richard Whitehall (1998)

Daniel Paul (1998)

Sasha Watkinson (1998)

Joanna Moody (1998)

Ross Olson (1999)

Pascale Hicks (1999)

Sarah J Booth (1999)

Virginia Hayton (1999)

Elizabeth Morton (1999)

Susan Deas (1999)

Joseph Hart (2000)

Ros Emsley-Smith (2001)

Anthony Singh (2001)

Robert McMaster (2001)

Zoe Earnshaw (2001) LLB

Alex Poole (2002)

Alex Taylor (2003)

William Tyler (2003)

Victoria Heyworth (2003)

Rebecca Gregg (2003)

Anna Bentley (2004)

Doug Cooper (2004)

Mark Bradley (2004)

Jonathan Lally (2005)

Michelle Brown (2005)

Victoria Harrison (2006)

James Hogg (2006)

Helen Wilkinson (2007)

Rachel Greenwood (2008)

Michael Jones (2008)

Junaid Durrani (2009)

Jonathan King (2009)

Nilufa Khanum (2009)

James Paterson (2010)

Emily Price (2012)

Matthew Hooper (2012)

Daniel Glover (2013)

Gareth Poole (2014)

Patrick Gilmore (2014)

Harriet Tighe (2014)

Zara Poulter (2015)

Zoe Dawson (2015)

Colette Renton (2015)

Jack Harrison (2015)

Toby Craddock (2015)

Prudence Beaumont (2016)

Claire Athis (2016)

Sonny Flood (2017)

Adrian Francis (2018)

Megan Tollitt (2018)

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