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Partners: César Coronel Jones, Hernán Pérez Loose, Jorge Sicouret Lynch, Boanerges Rodríguez Freire
Number of associates: 12
Total number of lawyers: 16

Firm Overview:
Since 1975, Coronel & Pérez has become one of Ecuador’s most renowned law firms and is proud of its international standards and experience, deep local knowledge and national presence. Among its clients are many multinational companies, and the firm routinely works with other leading law firms from the US, Europe and Latin America. The firm prides itself on the exceptional depth, thoroughness, and competence of its professionals, who are known for successfully handling particularly complex matters. Having offices in both Quito and Guayaquil, the firm has a nationwide presence.

Main Areas of Practice:
Arbitration & Litigation:

The firm has extensive experience in the handling of complex arbitration and litigation and has been recognised as leader in the field, both in Ecuador and abroad. The firm has successfully acted in local, international and investment arbitration, before multiple arbitration centers around the world. The firm’s lawyers have also participated in complex litigation before Ecuadorian and foreign tribunals, international courts and supranational organisations.

Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions:
Coronel & Pérez is one of the firms with the most experience in the corporate field in Ecuador. The firm handles complex corporate transactions and advises on corporate matters regarding both the ordinary course of business and issues affecting specific industries.

Banking, Finance & Insurance:
The firm has a deep knowledge of the way financial products and services work and of the legal framework applicable in Ecuador and other jurisdictions. It has participated in important investment and financing projects, and has represented both private financial institutions and organisations, such as the Andean Development Corporation (CAF), the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), the World Bank, the Latin American Reserve Fund (FLAR), and the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) of the United States.

Competition Law:
The firm represents clients in investigation processes before the national competition authority and regional authorities, and advises companies on questions of local and regional competition law.

International Trade & Foreign Investment:
The firm has deep knowledge of the laws that regulate these sectors, including investment protection treaties, routinely advising clients on questions of trade and investment. The firm has also worked with the European Commission on the implementation of the EU Ecuador Trade Agreement.

Concessions, Public-Private Associations & Infrastructure Projects:

Coronel & Pérez has participated in privatisation, concessions and public-private association projects throughout the past decades. Among these projects are the current concessions for the Guayaquil International Airport and for water and sewerage services in Guayaquil.

Oil, Energy & Mining:
Experience in this field includes not only assistance of clients with respect to the applicable regulatory framework, but also advice in complex sector-specific disputes and transactions.

Civil, Administrative & Constitutional Law:
The firm represents individuals, companies, and institutions, in areas such as private contracts, family law and damage claims. In the areas of administrative and constitutional law, the firm advises clients in all types of procedures, including the negotiation of public contracts and the filing of judicial and administrative recourses and actions.

Tax Law & Estate Planning:
The firm provides tax and estate planning advice to both companies and individuals, paying special attention to the impact of Ecuadorian and foreign tax laws. The firm represents several clients in estate planning processes to ensure the sustainability and growth of family-owned businesses.

Labour Law & Social Security:
In addition to providing advice on all issues related to the hiring of personnel and independent contractors, the firm has represented many clients in the handling of labour relations and collective disputes. Environmental Law: The firm has collaborated with government agencies in the setting up of environmental programs and the drafting of regulations. It also advises clients on a wide range of environmental law matters.

Languages: Spanish, English, French, Italian.

Arbitration & Litigation:
Hernán Pérez Loose, César Coronel Jones, César Coronel Ortega
Corporate Law, Mergers & Acquisitions: César Coronel Jones, Boanerges Rodríguez Freire
Banking, Finance & Insurance: Boanerges Rodríguez Freire, Boanerges Rodríguez Velásquez
Competition Law: César Coronel Ortega, Boanerges Rodríguez Velásquez
International Trade & Foreign Investment: Jorge Sicouret Lynch, Hernán Pérez Loose
Concessions, Public-Private Associations & Infrastructure Projects: Jorge Sicouret Lynch, Hernán Pérez Loose
Oil, Energy & Mining: César Coronel Jones, Hernán Pérez Loose
Civil, Administrative & Constitutional Law: César Coronel Jones, Hernán Pérez Loose
Tax Law & Estate Planning: Hernán Pérez Loose, Boanerges Rodríguez Freire, Boanerges Rodríguez Velásquez
Labour Law & Social Security: Jorge Sicouret Lynch
Intellectual Property: Danica Cindrich