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Executive Committee: Guillermo Malm Green, Leandro Cáceres and Javier Fernández Verstegen
Partners: Guillermo Malm Green, Pablo D. Brusco, Leandro H. Cáceres, Javier Fernández Verstegen, Lorena P. Bartomioli, María José Rodríguez Macías, Sebastián Alvarez, Mariano del Olmo, Joaquín Vallebella, Florencia Askenasy and Alejandro Vidal
Number of other lawyers: 35

Mariano del Olmo, Guillermo Malm Green
Litigation: Pablo Brusco
Natural Resources: Guillermo Malm Green
Tax & Customs: Leandro H Cáceres
Labour: Javier Fernández Verstegen
IP: María José Rodriguez Macías

Firm Overview:
Brons & Salas was founded in 1967 by Stanley A Brons and Acdeel E Salas. Special emphasis is placed on the expertise, speed and personalised attention given to its clients with heavy partners involvement. It provides a broad range of corporate advisory services excluding criminal matters.

Main Areas of Practice:
M&A & Shareholders Litigation: 35%
Litigation: 11%
Natural Resources: 21%
IP: 12%
Tax, Customs & Foreign Trade: 21%

Administrative Law, Privatisations & Customs:
The firm has advised numerous Argentine and foreign companies on deals with the national and provincial governments. It has counselled the Argentine government in the privatisation of electrical utilities. The firm has played an active role in foreign trade issues.

Brons & Salas has assisted the government in the drafting process of antitrust regulations, and also designed several tailor-made strategies to present cases before the antitrust authorities. Brons & Salas has successfully obtained approval and/or clearance of M&A transactions.

Banking & Finance, Foreign Investments:
Brons & Salas advises several financial entities doing business in Argentina and Uruguay, and also assists clients in loans and financial transactions. Brons & Salas has successfully assisted its international clients in matters raised under the umbrella of BIT and counsels clients at CIADI and UNCITRAL arbitrations.

Working for a wide commercial spectrum, Brons & Salas deals with all clients’ corporate matters. The firm has extensive experience in M&A transactions, assisting clients as sellers, buyers or financiers, acting in all stages, from the initial due diligence and negotiation until dosing the transaction. It is also actively involved in corporate litigation.

Environmental Law:

The firm has broad expertise in the area of environmental laws and has set up a specialised department within the natural resources group devoted to environmental audits, contracts, litigation and procedures before the governmental authorities, etc.

This group focuses its advice to prevent potential litigation and, when necessary, represents its clients before the National Ministry of Labour and Social Security Provincial Administrative Labour Authorities and all competent courts. The labour department counsels its clients in defining human resources policies, in negotiating collective labour agreements, in dealing with collective conflicts, conducts labour au- dits, tailor-made pension plans and advises on stock options.

Litigation & Bankruptcy:
Brons & Salas represents clients at both trial and appellate levels, before provincial and national courts throughout Argentina, in all venues, either directly or via its correspondent firms. The firm engages in all kinds of litigation, including commercial, civil and administrative lawsuits, product liability and consumer products litigation.

Mediation & Arbitration:
Brons & Salas’ partners act as arbitrators or counsel to parties in domestic and international arbitrations, including BIT disputes.

Real Estate:
Brons & Salas advises on construction projects as well as in the administration, purchase and sale of real estate. It also provides special counsel to the acquisition, construction and operation of urban and rural property and in the concessions for shopping malls, supermarkets and movie theatres.

The firm advises on tax reorganisations, merger and spin-off of companies and transfers of ongoing concerns, handling also their implementation under the tax-free system. The firm renders specific assistance in all kinds of administrative and court proceedings referred to inspections, verifications and assessment of taxes likewise in similar social security processes. Insurance & Reinsurance: The firm advises international insurance and reinsurance companies on business start-ups and operations in Argentina; M&A and regulatory compliance, brokerage and claims-supervision/defence litigation.

IP, Copyright & Biotechnology:
The IP department provides a full spectrum of services basically involving the prosecution and enforcement of IP rights. The IP team has a large and credited experience in the fields of trademarks, patents, copyrights, biotechnology and other types of IT matters, managing not only local but also regional and international portfolios and programs particularly for many of its massive consumer clients. It has been involved in several leading litigation cases.

International Work:
The IP group handles international IP protection. The M&A group has been involved in large multinational projects including project financing and bank syndicates.

Spanish, English, French.

The firm’s clients include companies from all industry sectors.