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Managing Partners: Richard Ebbink, Quinten Kroes
Number of partners: 11
Number of lawyers: 32
Languages:Dutch, English, French, German, Italian

Firm Overview:
Brinkhof is a law firm with a strong focus on innovation, technology, branding and market regulation. It caters to the needs of national and international clients in sectors such as electronics, IT, media, internet, telecommunications, fast moving consumer goods, pharma/biotech and healthcare. In these markets the firm litigates and advises on patents, trademarks and designs, unfair competition, copyright, privacy, media, regulatory issues, EU and competition law and IT/outsourcing. The breadth of knowledge and depth of specialist experience makes Brinkhof a centre of legal expertise for modern markets.

Main Areas of Practice:
Patent Litigation
Pharmaceuticals & Biotech
IP & Unfair Competition
Life Sciences
IT & Outsourcing
Privacy & Data Protection
EU & Competition
Media, Entertainment & Reputation Management

Patent Litigation General:

■Representation of the Dow Chemical Company in trade secret misappropriation proceedings regarding opaque and non-opaque polymers (for use in paints) against Organik Kimya. Partners: Richard Ebbink, Mark van Gardingen
■Representation of Boston Scientific in several proceedings regarding cardiovascular technology (vascular stents, stent coatings, heart catheters) against various competitors. Partners: Richard Ebbink, Mark van Gardingen
■Representation of WIKO in several proceedings against Philips on injunctions in case of standard essential patents (SEPs) and FRAND-conditions. Partner: Richard Ebbin
■Representation of Agfa in multi-jurisdictional infringement proceedings against competitors before the Hague specialised patent courts and the Supreme Court. Partner: Daan de Lange
Contact: Richard Ebbink Tel: + 31 20 3053221
Email: [email protected]

Pharmaceuticals & Biotech:
■Representation of Sandoz in various pending nullity and infringement proceedings concerning generic medicaments, e.g. against AstraZeneca (esomeprazole and quetiapine), GlaxoSmithKline (salmeterol + fluticasone), Leo Pharma (calcipotriol), Merck (dorzolamide + timolol), Eli Lilly (pemetrexed) and Sanofi-Aventis (docetaxel) Partners: Mark van Gardingen, Daan de Lange
■Representation of Synthon in nullity and infringement proceedings against various competitors, including Astellas (tamsulosine) and Teva (glatiramer acetate). (Mark van Gardingen, Koen Bijvank)
■Representation of Celltrion in nullity proceedings against Biogen, Roche and Genentech (rituximab) Partner: Daan de Lange Contact: Mark van Gardingen Tel: +31 20 3053212
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Daan de Lange Tel: +31 20 3053247
Email: [email protected]

IP & Unfair Competition:
■Legal support to Google for IP matters, including all trademark, domain name and Adwords related disputes, as well as licensing and privacy issues Partners: Kurt Stöpetie, Remy Chavannes
■Representation of WILD in international trademark litigation aimed at protecting the shape of the CAPRI-SUN branded fruit juice pouches Partner: Kurt Stöpetie
■Advising and representing adidas in all of its IP issues in the Netherlands, amongst which litigation in the textbook case about the well-known three stripes trademark of adidas. Partner: Gregor Vos
■Representing Nestle in its European proceedings against Cadbury (Mondelez) regarding its EU trademarks for the shapes of its KitKat products. Partner: Gregor Vos
■Representing Infineon in a high level trademark dispute against NXP regarding public transport technology. Partners: Kurt Stöpetie, Gregor Vos
Contact: Kurt Stöpetie Tel: + 31 20 3053211
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Gregor Vos Tel: +31 20 3053248
Email: [email protected]

■Supporting a leading Dutch company in the financial and leasing industry in a multijurisdictional ADM (application management development and maintenance) outsourcing project that is currently ongoing. Partner: Wieke van Angeren
■Supporting Perfetti Van Melle in a project concerning the reorganisation of its worldwide sourcing/procurement function for raw materials and packagings. Partner: Wieke van Angeren
■Supporting Accenture with various projects, including infrastructure and application outsourcings and complex integrations. Partner: Eliane de Vilder
■Supporting ERIKS in various outsourcing projects, including contract drafting and negotiations. Partner: Eliane de Vilder
Contact: Eliane de Vilder Tel: +31 20 3053224
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Wieke van Angeren Tel: +31 20 3023243
Email: [email protected]

Data Protection:
■Representing WhatsApp in the Dutch Data Protection Authority’s inquiry into WhatsApp’s use of telephone numbers. Partner: Quinten Kroes
■Legal support to Google on privacy and data protection law, including representing Google in the investigations conducted by the Dutch Data Protection Authority into Google’s new privacy policy and representing Google in a number of proceedings over ‘the right to be forgotten’. Partners: Quinten Kroes, Remy Chavannes, Dorien Verhulst, Anke Strijbos
Contact: Quinten Kroes Tel: +31 20 3053226
Email: [email protected]

EU & Competition:
■Representation of merging parties in national and international merger control cases, such as KPN/ Reggefiber. Partner: Pepijn van Ginneken
■Representation of clients in (inter)national cartel investigations, such as Dinky in an alleged cartel in the health care sector. Partner: Pepijn van Ginneken
■Representation of parties in the procurement process for pharmaceutical care contracts with care insurers, such as NFZ. Partner: Pepijn van Ginneken
■Representation of defendants in civil cartel damage cases in the Netherlands, such as Pressed Steel and Paraffin Wax. Partners: Pepijn van Ginneken, Daan de Lange
Contact: Pepijn van Ginneken Tel: +31 20 3053235
Email: [email protected]

Media, Entertainment & Reputation Management:
■Representing Google in litigation about content removal, provision of customer data, and delisting of search results under the European ‘right to be forgotten.’Partners: Remy Chavannes, Quinten Kroes, Dorien Verhulst, Anke Strijbos
■Advising and representing leading financial newspaper Het Financieele Dagblad in press privacy and defamation litigation
■Representing the national commercial radio broadcasters in performance rights royalty rate-setting litigation against neighbouring-rights collecting society Sena. Partner: Remy Chavannes
■Advising various European and global broadcasters about EU and Dutch media-law jurisdiction and regulation. Partners: Remy Chavannes, Dorien Verhulst, Anke Strijbos
Contact: Remy Chavannes Tel: +31 20 3053232
Email: [email protected]

■Representing KPN-Reggefiber in an appeal procedure by Vodafone against the merger clearance regarding the national fibre-optic network operator. Partner: Pepijn van Ginneken
■Representing Sky Radio in litigation against the Dutch State relating to the license fees imposed for the extension of the radio licenses. Partner: Quinten Kroes
■Representing Eurofiber in all telecoms regulatory matters, including its successful appeal against near-net regulation. Partner: Pepijn van Ginneken
■Representing Rabo CIF in a state aid notification for next generation networks. Partner: Pepijn van Ginneken
Contact: Pepijn van Ginneken Tel: +31 20 3053235
Email: [email protected]
Contact: Remy Chavannes Tel: +31 20 3053232
Email: [email protected]