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Managing Partner: Mr Genc Boga
Number of partners: 5
Number of professionals: 29
Languages: Albanian, English, French, Italian

Firm Overview:
Boga & Associates, established in 1994, has emerged as one of the premier law firms in Albania and Kosovo, earning reputation for providing the highest quality of legal, tax and accounting services to its clients. Until May 2007, the firm was a member firm of KPMG International and the senior partner/managing partner, Mr Genc Boga, was also the senior partner/managing partner of KPMG Albania. Apart from the widely consolidated legal practice, the firm also offers the highest standards of expertise in tax and accounting services, with keen sensitivity to the rapid changes in the Albanian and Kosovo business environment. The firm delivers services to leading clients in major industries, banks and financial institutions, as well as to companies engaged in insurance, construction, energy and utilities, entertainment and media, mining, oil and gas, real estate, technology, telecommunications, tourism, transport, infrastructure and consumer goods.

Main Areas of Practice:

Banking & Finance:

■Piraeus Bank on the sale of shares of its subsidiary in Albania, Tirana Bank, worth EUR57.3 million
■Banka Kombetare Tregtare on the financing of the national stadium construction EUR20 million, and the financing of Milot – Morine highway construction EUR28 million
■EBRD regarding the Albania Agribusiness Support Facility
■EBRD in matters of corporate lending and loan restructuring of several HPPs projects EUR6 million
■EBRD in a EUR10 million loan facility to Raiffeisen Leasing Kosovo
■IFC on the financing of EUR2 million to a microfinance institution, and a senior loan of EUR12 million to ‘HIB Petrol Shpk’, Kosovo
Key Clients: EBRD, IFC, BKT, Piraeus Bank, Credit Europe Bank NV, Bankers Petroleum
Contacts: Genc Boga, Sokol Elmazaj, Alketa Uruçi, Renata Leka

■Ilbak Holding S.A on its acquisition of a mining company
■Power Public Corporation S.A. in matters of company law and employment law
■Stork International GmbH/Stork Albania Mineral Resources Shpk on corporate and commercial matters
■Limak Kosovo International Airport JSC. on corporate and commercial law
Key Clients: Ilbak Holding S.A., PPC S.A, CNR, Bankers Petroleum, BKT, Limak Kosovo International Airport JSC
Contacts: Genc Boga, Sokol Elmazaj, Alketa Uruçi, Renata Leka

Energy & Utilities/Projects:
■Trans Adriatic Pipeline (TAP) a EUR1.5 billion project that will transport Caspian natural gas to Europe
■Devoll Hydropower on the implementation of the concession project EUR600 million
■3Power Shala Shpk, Shala Energy PLC, Falak Properties LLC during the negotiation process with the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, drafting the concession agreement of EUR86 million
■Limak & Calik Groups a consortium of two Turkish companies, in connection with one of the biggest and most important privatizations through equity acquisition of the state-owned company Kosovo Electricity Distribution and Supply Company J.S.C.
Key Clients: TAP, Devoll Hydropower Sh.A, Simmons Edeco Limited, Limak & Calik Groups
Contacts: Genc Boga, Sokol Elmazaj, Renata Leka, Alketa Uruçi

■EMS Albanian Port Operator on anti-trust matters related with state authorities’ investigations
■Procter and Gamble Marketing Romania SRL on competition and regulatory matters
Key Clients: EMS APO, Procter and Gamble Marketing Romania SRL
Contacts: Renata Leka, Sokol Elmazaj

Intellectual Property:
■Procter and Gamble Marketing Romania SRL on matters regarding advertising, privacy, promotional communication and consumer protection
■Mars Overseas Holding and Wrigley on matters regarding advertising, marketing and labelling issues for the food market
■Anheuser-Busch LLC, in cooperation with Hogan Lovells International (Anheuser-Busch, LLC) with regard to several trademark infringement cases against Budejovicky Budvar
■Hugo Boss and Caterpillar Inc on procedures of custom seizure of counterfeiting of goods
■A major German telecommunications company in connection with a trademark opposition application in front of the Albanian patent and trademark office ■SONY Corporation in matters related with trademark issues ■Nissan Chemical Industries on trademark issues
Key Clients: Procter and Gamble Marketing Romania SRL, Anheuser-Busch LLC, Caterpillar Inc, Hugo Boss Trade and Management GmbH & Co. KG, SONY Corporation, Nissan Chemical Industries
Contact: Renata Leka

Consumer Goods & Product Safety:
■Coca Cola Bottling Shqiperia on food regulatory matters
■Mars South Central Europe GmbH and Wrigley Management Holding GmbH in risk assessments issues pertaining to consumer goods and product liability
■Google in matters of copyright and data protection, privacy and consumer protection
Key Clients: Google, Coca Cola Bottling Shqiperia, Mars South Central Europe GmbH, Wrigley Management Holding GmbH
Contacts: Renata Leka

Dispute Resolution:
■EBRD in debt recovery matters
■Trans Adriatic Pipeline on dispute resolution matters in employment law, contract law, and construction law
■ProCredit Bank in tax litigation cases and employment disputes
■EMS Albanian Port Operator on disputes of contractual obligations of the concession contract for the management, operation and maintenance of the East Terminal of Durres Port
Key Clients: EBRD, TAP, Raiffeisen Bank Sh.A, AlItalia Societa Aerea Italiana, Actavis International Limited, ProCredit Bank, Coca Cola Bottling Shqiperia Shpk
Contact: Gerhard Velaj

Real Estate:
■Eurotech Cement Shpk on the development of real estate portfolio and advised in the process of acquiring land in Albania
■Shqiperia Cement Company Shpk, on transactions for the sale of land property
Key Clients: Eurotech Cement Shpk, Shqiperia Cement Company Shpk
Contact: Gerhard Velaj

■Devoll Hydropower on tax issues affecting the implementation of the concession project
■Bankers Petroleum Albania on tax issues in light of current tax administration matters
■Simmons Edeco Limited in matters regarding settlement of tax obligations
■Eurotech Cement Shpk on corporate tax matters
Key Clients: Devoll Hydropower, Bankers Petroleum Albania, Simmons Edeco Limited, Eurtech Cement
Contacts: Alketa Uruçi, Andi Pacani

■Managing Partner:
Genc Boga
Email: [email protected]
Partner: Sokol Elmazaj
Email: [email protected]
Partner: Renata Leka
Email: [email protected]
■Partner: Alketa Uruçi
Email: [email protected]
Partner: Gerhard Velaj
Email: [email protected]

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